Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


McCartin is very important to how Sydney will look over the next couple of seasons. Had Reid been available, McCartin wouldn’t have played at all let alone 15x games in a row at CHF as an 18 yo. Reckon Sydney had him as the starting CHF around 20-21. He’s shown he has what it takes to be a very good player. Those criticising his performances, particularly in the latter part of the season are forgetting this is his first season of senior football. Mellican is very important also. You’d think Sydney will look to have Aliir and Mellican as their key talls, both excellent contested marks with good mobility with Grundy to take the third tall if needed.

Big guys who can mark are so important.


Not sure anyone had a go at McCartin? Great young player.


Who knows what they’re up to. They need a big midfielder to take the heat off Kennedy and some outside finishing. Gaff and Sheil meet the latter criteria but haven’t heard of too many bigger mids who are seeking a trade.


Ace’s Swans mate reckon he’s a turnover merchant.


I thought that was in reference to Lloyd not McCartin?


Swans McCartin has already passed his brother.

Lloyd isnt great by foot, which is why i thought swans were gonna let him go to gold coast.

if suns are losing Lynch, Hall, May, Martin surprised they cant afford lloyd.


Lloyd was shortlisted for AA honours. If they reckon Lloyd is no good then they’re bigger idiots than had they thought McCartin is no good.


Lloyd is literally the most accurate high disposal player in the league.


They can afford the bill, Lloyd couldn’t endure the shame.


Dean Towers given the lemonade along with Jordan Foote and some bloke I thought was in One Direction. And Jake Brown I’ve never heard of.


Help me with the ‘lemonade’ slang. (Is it a ‘sars’ ‘arse’ thing?)


Sure is.


Somewhat surprising about Towers, he looked a good thing a year or two ago.


Whispers Swans interested in Liberratore, seems odd after shipping Hanneberry of for offield reasons.


Dat no dickheads policy


They consider him the spuddiest thing to ever spud up here.


Massive turnip. jobber personified.


Always guaranteed to kick few against us though.


Did you miss how utterly shithouse we’ve been over the last few years? Mostly.


No. Just a comment.

He goes in the same box as Kent Kingsley, Taberner and Ken Mcgregor.