Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


Don’t think towers has kicked a goal against us.

He is a ducking spud though. Too tall for mid, too slow for mid, too short for KPP, too ■■■■ for AFL


The NEAFL grand final where Southport cheated versus Sydney and got away with it is currently being shown on NITV. The fun bit is just after three-quarter-time, and will occur very roughly at 11 o’clock.


He’s what would once have been described as a ‘utility’ but Jack off alltrades, master of none’ is a fairer description.

He can put together a few episodes, struggles with the whole series.


Sydney have picked up North Melbourn’s Ryan Clark for pick 61.

Don’t know a lot about Clarke but he has played 40 games across 3x seasons since being drafted at 31 in the 2015 National Draft and averages just under 20 disposals per game. Nearly half of his career tally was accumulated last season (19 games). 184cms and 87kgs.

Can’t say I’ve noticed him play. Can anyone shed any light on him?


Half back ish, nice kick

Utterly unlike his brother.


You left out ‘awful haircut’.


Haircut is pretty ordinary and it doesn’t look long before he goes the full Tom Harley.

Reckon I was 21 when I could no longer deny that baldness was in my immediate future. When I see Shaun Micallef or Paul McDermott’s wigs I do feel significant pangs of jealousy however, I know blokes who were going bald at 18 so 21 wasn’t so bad.

Hopefully having hair (or not) doesn’t impact on his footballing fortunes.


The Swans are done as a top 4/premiership force. They need a rebuild, but in that market and having invested 9 years and $10 Million into Buddy they probably feel like they can’t…


Clarke’s got a ways to go before he reaches the heights of some guys from the Valley


The Swans list build has always been to get rid of the bottom four or five players and replace them with better ones.
They always try to stay competitive regardless of the situation.

I think they’ll be fine. Heeney and Mills were pretty much freebies due to their academies. And they’ll both be very good players at the worst case.

They are still one of the best at getting something from their rookie picks. Ronke was a find this year and I’m sure O’Riordan will have as good a year next year as Ronke.


I was about to start fav win of the year thread (if it hadn’t been started already.
This was my favourite win of the year.


Another 10 or so consecutive wins and the ledger for the past decade will be all square…




10 consecutive games in Victoria and the ledger would be even more skewed than it currently is. Careful what you wish for, boomerang boy.


Langdon re-committed to Collingwood. I’m still not really sure why Sydney were after him.


They want to release Mills and co into the middle.


They can do that now.


Great to see one Australian sporting side with the cojones to delist a Marsh.

Gives him enough time to be picked for the first test now


H Marsh did pretty well for a mature rookie pick-up. Some talk that Freo might select him as a delisted free agent.


He can play. Classier than Aliiiir.

And Grundy is about 50.