Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


But he’s not as tall as Aliir or Grundy and can’t intercept like Aliir or Grundy. He’s not fast by foot or hand like McVeigh, nor as assured in traffic. He’s one of those in-between defender types. Not suited to play forward or as a mid. Back in the day he’d be a specialist back pocket but that role doesn’t exist anymore.


He is that not-quite size, but he’s a very very good intercepterer as WCE found out. 4th in the league at interceptering in 2018.

I think Sydney might think they’d be better off with Aliir going back to FB and getting an intercepterer who’s a bit better at using it.


I think that’s what they’re thinking also with Mellican to HB. In fairness to Aliir, his decision making isn’t too bad and will get better with more experience. People forget he came into the side around mid 2016, missed most of 2017 and came into the side around half way into 2018, mainly due to injuries. He’s only played 28 career games. It’s a big job down there (especially when Sydney concede control of the middle) for seasoned key defenders let alone a novice. Aliir will be alright.




an unfit for footy rookie

well done to all


Managing salary cap 101 haha


I think Adelaide did that with…I wanna say Shaw?
But that last line is weird.


I can sleep soundly tonight knowing that Sydney are still paying Kurt Tippett


if he’s unfit to play, surely they can use that rule that allows you to delist and pay someone out? i.e the hawthorn rule?


So what if we rookie him first?

Does that mean Sydney breach their settlement agreement?


It means we would need to pay out his agreement next to our cap because, ya know, the AFL and all…


is this an onion article?


Outside their cap.

It’s a rort. And it’s how they will pension off Buddy too…

If clubs lay out huge contracts to players, you do tend to think that they have to honour them. Or least that’s what I think is right.


Can. Not. Possibly be outside their cap.


Thought part of rookie salary is excluded?


It is Sydney…

SMH/ age article reckons they’ve re-negotiated the contract. He had 2 years still to run and over $2M owing incl this year.
They’ve possibly front ended it as much as they can, but still have to carry a bit into 2019. That’s allowed, under the cap.
It being the Swans, they probably back ended it and we’ll have to pay about $2.5M of it and get docked a few picks in the process…


Well, I dunno, maybe that whole ‘no parties will make any further comment’ is kind of bullshit then?
The AFL damn well better make a comment.


What was the tip off - the letterhead?


Starting to get cross about this.
Given the Swans absolutely and undeniably rorted the system to get him for no penalty whatsoever.
Didn’t just rort the system, but farked Adelaide over on the rort and then Adelaide copped penalties…

Yeah…I’ve got a few questions about this…


Adelaide were right to cop penalties though.