Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


Franklin is a deadset fun but I’m constantly amazed how much extra time he is allowed to dispose of the ball along with his constant throwing of the ball. Those training sessions with rugby clubs has worked as there are so many Swans players who blatantly dish off flick passes


As long as you close one fist after you throw it it’s ok.


Looking at a replay of the Port game, Sydney’s mids seemed to feel the pinch after half time. Port looked fresher through the middle and had more personnel rotating through there. Sydney’s mids are as good as anyone’s but they can’t do it all day, every week. Heeney, Mills, Haywood and Florent will hopefully see more time on the ball which should allow Kennedy, Parker and Hannebery some respite later in games.


Talia interviewed on the radio refused to take credit for blanketing Buddy. He said they had a plan to double team him. Sounds like it worked. I suppose that’s the way all teams deal with him if they want to beat Sydney.
Sydney mids being 50% down helped as well.


Can’t remember the last time the Sydney mids were collectively that poor.


The loss of Mitchell is having a bigger effect than they expected IMO

He would have so often been shoveling out a handball to the others.

Hannebury’s output has completely dropped off and JPK getting tagged and it’s hurting them.

Considering no Sloane and both Crouches missing you’d have expected Swans midfield to be on top but they weren’t.

Loss of Naismith in ruck also would be affecting them


Longmire this morning ruling out Buddy and Hanneberry for their next game as a result of soreness blaming it on the Optus Oval surface (rd 1). Also said most of the other players complained of soreness/cramp after the game too.

We played there the following week so is that why we looked so flat against the Dogs? We’ve had leg injuries to Matt Dea and Mitch Brown since then might I add. Orazio never played in Perth so that doesn’t count.


Kennedy has fallen off a cliff this year.


RIP Franklin!
Diggers is beside himself


what’s this then?


Wouldn’t surprise me if it played a part.


Sad face.




Buddy moved all right against dogs and giants. Bit rich to blame a ground from 4 weeks ago


Joke of a comptetition


easy choice i would’ve thought


I’m sick of them always being good :frowning:


Not anymore. If North of Brisbane believe he is worth a 1st round pick then they should bid with that pick, force Sydney to use theirs


Isn’t his dad an assistant coach at swans?


kid picks best thing for his career.

shocking things at 10.