Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


Explains why you’re so crotchety.


I’m many things.


We all are.


Some more than others.


There is a difference between between an injustice, and a self-inflicted injustice. You just have know how to spot it.


Nice use of drug slang Diggers.

I refuse to mention Sydney players in this context.


I trust you would extend that courtesy to all players.


Happy to congratulate players on their use of arcane drug slang.


Aliir must be after some brownlow votes with this hair cut.


There’s a bit of hate for Menzel on here but i rate him. If he stays on the park he’s good for 50 goals. With those numbers you can forgive his lack of defensive tackling. I think he’ll fit in well at Sydney. I was hoping somebody would pick him up.


Yeah. Nah.


Same here. No time for tacklin’ because he’s busy kicking sores.

One of the weirder delistings in recent times.


Love it.


I know! Nothing wrong with a bloke that only takes marks and kicks goals. And another good player that went for peanuts. I hope he has a good year.


Any guy who can kick 50 goals in a season is worth picking up. Sit him on the bench for a half.


I doubt he will kick 50 goals if he spends half his time on the bench


How come we (not us) are questioning the pick up of Mosquito because there must have been a reason why Hawks didn’t pick him up, but not questioning the swans for picking up Menzel? Surely there was a reason why the Cats delisted him


God I hate Sydney so much. More than the scum, filth, and poo combined. Some of it’s for personal reasons, the rest is because their flagrant rorting just ■■■■■■ me off. Cant wait till they’re floundering at the bottom once again.


I don’t know what their crowds are like now, but they used to be obnoxious and in your face while being completely clueless.
‘Who’s your captain?’ used to shut them up.


Oh, c’mon ref