Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


Yeah wasn’t the hardest decision he has had to make in his life.


I agree it’s the obvious choice, point was he shouldn’t have been available to the academy to begin with


Why not?


Thr academies were to get more nsw and qld kids playing afl by giving them a pathway who might not otherwise played afl


Agree 100% - Will add that F/S will always be around, while the Academy system may be gone in 20 or 30 years.


John Blakey played a total 359 games for North and Fitzroy and was a member of the Kangaroos’ premiership teams of 1996 and 1999. He has been working for the Swans for more than a decade and, as a consequence, Nick has been raised in Sydney and been in the club’s academy for several years.


I am more than happy to have a go at clubs that rort a system, but I am not really sure that this particular time is doing that.


We are lined up for our own swindle this year for Rioli IIRC

Tigers F/S but in our indigenous academy

Probably unlikely to get him but if we don’t turn our season around no chance on that one either.


So Callum Mills breaks his foot and ends his season by clowning around with a gridiron ball.

Bloods culcha


id support more coin to sydney and gws if it was funnelled directly at nsw kids.

its an absolute joke that we prop up teams with supreme talent that nooone really cares about.(looking at at you suns and giants).

Ablett was wasted at the gold coast. id argue the same for some of these giants players too. noone is watching them play.


Mills is a big loss. H Marsh in but Mills has been in really good touch.


It would be a massive task, possibly an impossible one, to unscramble the egg* and get some idea of what lists, or best 22s, might look like without those two teams.
And not one the accredited media would have any interest in.
But I’d like to see a crack* at it.

  • please don’t.


grant thomas with an interesting tweet about hannebery and buddys injuries…


He’s an irrelevant piece of sh*t.




What was funny about his injury was:
It was announced 2 weeks after playing at Optus stadium (had played 2 games since that game)
He missed 4 (?) Weeks for being sore
He is the only player to complain about being sore from playing at that stadium

Not suss at all


haha, defending swannies Diggers.

Grant thomas isnt afraid to talk out against the establishment.

He is probably right, but most media commentators shouldnt go on hunches / lunch room gossip.

Ive been told in the past that Hanneberry has been a party boy, Buddy too, Wouldnt surprise me if Thomas is right.


AFL carpet sweeper always works tirelessly with regards to star players.


No, he’s a piece of sh*t.

He either accuses them of something or shuts the fark up. This is a grown man spreading rumours on social media. His family must be really proud of him.

He’s weak as p*ss. Say it or fark off.


hes the extremely poor mans Alex Jones of the AFL.