Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


How is it any different to the other journos who say stuff based on “hunches” or rumours?


cmon, the ■■■■ sheeds was spouting was way closer to alex jones.

martians mate, martians.


He’s not a journalist’s areshole. He’s just a dead-■■■■ with a twitter account. The thing is, if he truly believed what he is alluding to, he would actually say it without fear of repercussions because the ‘truth’ is a valid defence against defamation.


How the fark did Buddy escape with a fine for his intentional, high contact palm to Rance. He deliberately stuck out at a player.


he’s ‘clumsy’


You’re seriously asking?


I thought that because he hit Rance that would have countered the fact it was Buddy.



Daily drive listening to SEN, I caught Wallace talking about Sydney. He says their 4 key older midfield players are in serious decline, due to “overuse”
I guess the questions started to be asked when Hannebery was under the microscope, then Wallace looked at the stats for Kennedy, Jack, Hannebery, and Parker and stated that some were on 5 year lows, some were on 3 year lows. In conclusion he says the Sydney midfield big bodies are broken due to over use.
The Sydney midfield is Kennedy and to some extent Parker, and he is starting to wear out, but at this point both Jack and Hannebery are on the way out.

There has separately been some concern expressed that Carlton depend so much on Cripps and play him in the middle so much, that he may be broken in 4-5 years time.

I guess the Essendon policy of sharing the midfield load by rotating lots of players through there is better for longevity and right now, our midfield is doing really well. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.


Also swans gave away a gun midfielder who shared a lot of the load in Tom Mitchell.
They should have kept mitchell (i.e paid him what he deserved) and traded Parker or Hanneberry.

Mills and Heeney have the talent to cover the midfield load, although they both are injured i Believe.
Swans will be thanking the stars for the academy. Two top 5 draft pick gun players gauranteed.


And another coming, in Blakey, from all accounts.


Question guy: What’s the best way to not break midfielders?

Essington: Don’t draft them at all!


If they hadn’t overloaded on Buddy they probably could have kept Mitchell and their midfield would be in much better shape now.


our mids have performed well for 4 to 6 weeks.
Sydney midfield has performed well for 10 years.

think it might be a bit early to compare strategies and long term results


When were those 4 to 6 years again?
The midfield has been the bane of our existence for years!!


When posting on Blitz goes wrong.


Memo to self: Read properly before posting…


thank you


thank you 2


There was very little in it as far as money went. I sense the main reason they let Mitchell go was to free up a spot in the midfield for the likes of Heeney, Mills and Florent.