Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


suck ■■■■


That’s not very helpful.


True, but it was funny.


Not really.




Was supposedly rested two weeks ago but then played 2’s on weekend over coming back into team.

Not sure what’s going on other than perhaps an injury they wanting to manage his game time for.


He always kills us


Last year he pushed around Smack in 1st game. And in the final Stewart. Hooker didn’t play either.

If he is back hopefully it’s Hooker fwd and we can win/at least halve those contests


Grundy wasn’t selected due to match ups against the GC forwards + the good form of Allir and Rampe. Plus they thought the GC mids wouldn’t get near it.

Turns out the Sydney mids took the week off…

Reg will be playing this week, no doubt.




Also, you mean other sides fark things up at the selection table too? Wow, I thought it was just essington


He didnt play because the swans thought they could rest him because they were only playing the suns.

Grundy is good enough to play on any forward and if there isnt a match up, you drop Allir before grundy every day of the week


They will have been stung into action after the loss last week. Expect huge games from parker, Kennedy and Hannebury if he is fit.

Franklin also held goalless, doubt that will happen 2 weeks in a row


Grundy wasn’t rested, he played in the seconds. Allir was selected ahead of Grundy.


Hannebery won’t play. Jack maybe but unlikely. This will be Essendon’s best chance of beating Sydney in over a decade and should go in as favourites.


Wasnt he rested the week before? In my eyes he comes straight in, regardless of match ups. He is to Sydney what Fletcher was to us. Very very important and very very good


Grundy’s been a gun defender, but he’s no Fletcher. Don’t reckon Fletcher played 2s after he turned 20. A fair feat considering he played until he was in his mid 60s.


Slight injury concern against N Melbourne so didn’t play but was fit last week week for GC but wasn’t selected. Horse more or less said they made a mistake in not playing Grundy.

Absolutely will play on Friday.


Diggers can’t lose Friday.


Ideal for him would probably be an Essendon win and 7 goals + for Buddy