Season 2018 - West Coast


Thank fark Mark LaCras has retired. No matter how bad he was in the preceding games, he would destroy us.


Not sure he knew what brand of footy we were using in our game this year. Hardly saw it.


And i was very happy that happened.


yep they had to put this in.

His greatest individual highlight was unquestionably a 12-goal haul against Essendon in 2010.


Anyone reckon West Coast will back it up next year and go dynasty like hawks ? Or just continue in the current tradition of one season wonders.

Ala Richmond and the Dogs?


I would put the Dogs in the “one season wonder” category, but not Richmond. Had an arguably more dominant year but chose a bad time to put in a stinker. I’d say the Eagles will still be top 4. If they win 10 of their 12 games in Perth for instance and then split their away games that’s a 15-win season, which is most times a top 4 record. I can’t see them dropping off Dogs style, in fact with Nic Nat back at some point in the year and Gaff, who missed the finals, they could be better…


West coast are a solid team with good youngsters and seniors. Got a great mix IMO. Dogs were a bunch of super youngsters and one or two aincent players with 12-13 odd honest battlers who all bought into a premiership winning gamestyle. Bulldogs success was never going to be sustainable, in hindsight, I reckon.

West coast could easily fall off a cliff with a somewhat antiquated game plan, bit their spread of talent will hold them in good stead for a few more years


Why do you say antiquated?

I don’t think their gamestyle is much of anything. Tight defensively, very good on the turnover, lots of pace off every line, very even group of mids and runners.

The only noteworthy thing they do is two rucks and two big forwards. But not having that is really just a trend. Two rucks may well come back in vogue, now a side’s won a flag with it.


Yeah Richmond is an interesting one. Unsure if their game plan has been worked out yet or not.

I value the high foot skill possession game of the hawks in their glory years over the manic pressure of the tiges. Think the former once established with a list is easier to maintain.

The Eagles won a flag without the comps best ruck and their best midfielder which is pretty remarkable.

Then there is where you might place Collingwood after coming close…


I can’t recall the individual responsible but whoever said “enjoy it boys because this is the last time you’re ever going to see Chris Judd in an East Perth guernsey” was on the money.


Reckon WC is a very ordinary premier - See a limited future for them in the next three years.


If they’re ordinary than so are most of the premiership teams in history


West coast have potential to go back to back, but it will be a tough ask.
just won the Flag
Nic Nat and Gaff to come back in.
Have good key forwards and electric small forwards.
Should win most of their home games in Perth
they just have to hope they dont run into us

I would say Richmond was the best team in 2018, but not during the finals series. So you could say eagles pinched it. Collingwood ran close too. But you would expect these sides to challenge again.

And ■■■■■■ hope Cats/Hawks/Swans all fall away and miss finals, finish 9/10/11 would be a good result.

Adelaide and Essendon to come into the top 8 and Brisbane as well as a smoky.

West Coast



Oh how I would love for Essendon to be an ordinary premier. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are. Once the flag is yours it’s yours (unless you employ Brian Waldron).


Still doesn’t change the fact they are an ordinary team. Ordinary teams can win a premiership.


On what measure are they ordinary? They got the flag by playing the best footy when it mattered.


It was a his best game ever so not sure why they wouldn’t say it? Not a lot of players get to say they kicked 12 goals in an AFL game.


The WAFL coach I think


Another preseason camp controversy or are the media just bored?


the obliteration of melbourne and then winning the grand final makes you think these guys are rather legit

finals against them in WA will be hard again next year