Season 2019 - Adelaide


Coach – Don Pyke

2018 –
Points For – 8th
Points Against – 12th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Rory Laird

  2. Matt Crouch

  3. Josh Jenkins

  4. Bryce Gibbs

  5. Hugh Greenwood

2018 Rising Star Noms

Tom Doedee

Ins – Shane McAdam, Tyson Stengle, Chayce Jones, Ned McHenry, William Hamill, Lachlan Sholl, Keiran Strachan, Paul Hunter, Jordan Butts

Outs – Kyle Cheney, Harry Dear, Jackson Edwards, Sam Gibson, Curtley Hampton, Paul Hunter, Ben Jarman, Mitch McGovern, Matthew Signorello

My Prediction

I don’t think anyone expected last year’s plunge down the ladder from the Crows, they had looked the best team of 2017 with the exception of the grand final and then they had their preseason camp and everything went to hell in a handbasket. I don’t know which stories that came out are true but clearly the impact wasn’t quite what they hoped. Then it becomes about how much of last years disaster was due to talent, how much was due to injuries and how much was motivation.

The backline looks ok on paper, They have solid talls although probably not with the level of depth you would hope for. Doedee looked like a ridiculous draft reach a couple of years ago and then looked every part the AFL footballer last year. He was assured and whilst not at Lever’s standard, he certainly made the loss of him easier to take. Laird from half back was really solid and Talia is as reliable a backman as you would want.

The midfield is an interesting one. I am not sure they have the level of pure talent as other teams but they have worked together really well previously. The Crouch boys and Sloane are good when the heat is on. They have to hope Sloanes body still has a lot of footy in it after he smashed them at contract negotiations, 5 years for a player who looked beaten up last year is insane. They will have plans for Fogarty to move towards the middle at some stage and they have Gibbs and Seedsman who both deliver the ball well.

The forward line reads well. Lynch, Walker and Jenkins are as good a threesome of talls as anywhere but last year they just didn’t work. They looked slow and the ball coming in was predictable and when it was brought to ground, it was usually rebounded out. Betts is a superstar but I feel last year, he has lost a yard of pace and he didn’t look as dangerous. They need Gallucci to improve and someone like Greenwood to bring manic pressure. They may prove me wrong but the forward line looks a little like a liability to me.

Jacobs is a good first ruck but looks pretty shallow after that. Their forward structure relies on Jenkins running back towards goals and he isn’t much chop in the ruck. They need Jacobs to stay fit. The coach was given last year but Adelaide don’t have a history of putting faith in coaches who don’t make the finals on a regular basis. Another year like last year and the pressure will certainly be on Pyke.

Injuries are a part of football and it does seem like Adelaide had more than their share last year but there is clearly more to it than that. Mismanagement of the issues around their preseason camp and the mixed messages was crazy to watch. Also everyone talks about the Gold Coast exodus of players but Adelaide continually lose serious talent and it is rarely mentioned. Dangerfield, Cameron, Davis, Gunston, Lever and McGovern are all pretty recent and some seriously good players. I find it hard to make a seriously compelling argument for them to bounce back in a serious way this year. I think 10th to 12th is about the mark for mine.


Stirred up my Adelaide mate by sending him the review. Good value.

For what it’s worth, his response follows…

No Brodie Smith or Brad Crouch at all last Year.

Sloane was not in our top 5 as he only played half a season as did Betts.

Doedee was a great replacement for Lever.

McGovern will be a loss, but he only played a handful of game last year.

Fogerety, Gallicci and Murphy all played half the season in the forward line which will be good for us.

Millera stepped up last year on the half back flank, so with Seedsman and Laird and Brodie Smith the backline has an overflow of talent.

I am worried about Jacobs as he had a bad year by his standards last year.

No pre season camp, and No hamstring causing exercise machine will boost the crows.

Watch out for Shane McAdam, he is a very exciting player, and should a lot of game time this year.

Ned McHenry won the 2km time trial for the crows, and is the ideal replacement for Sam Gibson.

Prediction – Top 8 as a minimum, Top 4 with a good draw and a in form ruckman.

Pyke will be safe.

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Best 22

B: Kelly Talia Brown,
HB: Smith Doedee Laird
C: Atkins Sloane Seedsman
HF: Gallucci, Walker Lynch
F: McAdam .Jenkins, Betts
R: Jacobs, M Crouch Gibbs
Int: Milera Greenwood Douglas B Crouch

EMG: Darcy Fogarty, Riley Knight, Lachlan Murphy

Depth: Cam Ellis-Yolmen, David MacKay

I have added McAdam over Fogarty for team Balance as four talls in the forwardline doesnt work. But if Lynch/Tex/Jenkins injured would have him straight in and Fogarty is probably the most nimble of those talls.

Crows side is pretty good. Strong midfield if the injury gods look after them.
I guess Jenkins rucks if Jacobs goes down?

My Tip is Crows rise up the ladder 5th to 10th.

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Brown is a lockdown back evolving into a back-midfielder.
I can’t imagine why you have him at full back.

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Jacobs is the most interesting piece of that puzzle.
Ruckmen can surprise with longevity, and while his contested marking is still excellent, he looked sloooow last year.
I perhaps rated him higher than most over the last few years, but he looked like he may be close to falling off a cliff for mine, and his young replacement(?) has been held way back.

I don’t rate Jenkins as a ruckman.
I do rate him as a KPF though.
Seems some people want him to be everything. He doesn’t have to be everything. He just has to be very good at what he does, which he is.

I share the concern about Betts.
And I think Fogarty is going to be very, very good.
Maybe top 25ish in the league by the end of 2020.

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I can’t see Fogarty as anything but a 2nd or 3rd tall forward.

And ‘ideal replacement for Sam Gibson’? WTFF


A fit Sloane/ Brad Crouch is the ideal replacement for Gibson

An inanimate carbon rod is the ideal replacement for Sam Gibson

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Top 8 is a valid expectation. Top 4? Your mate is dreaming. Jacobs isn’t the dominant ruck he used to be, he was pretty average last season. Their tall forwards don’t convince me that they are viable, l reckon Tex is slipping, in terms of being a goal kicker, and Jenkins needs to find other ways to impact the scoreboard. Betts has slowed down a little, and doesn’t look like he is such a big threat in front of goal. Sloane struggled last season as teams put more time and pressure into negating his influence. Getting Brad Crouch back will be a welcome addition, he was sorely missed last season. With the rumblings at the Crows l am a little surprised he stayed.

These kents will play finals and maybe even top 4


They’ll bounce back this year. I’m with @Aceman, reckon they might make top 4.

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yeah, I’d be very surprised if they aren’t comfortably in the top 8 for most of the year.

I think Adelaide could be a smoky this year.

As long as no one mentions the camp…

Love to know of any other clubs doing this

Digital members who get merchandise discounts included! LOL

“Port Adelaide legend Kane Cornes has launched a scathing attack…” Stopped reading right there :stuck_out_tongue:


I expect they will bounce back and into top 8 this year. Still a quality list.

A good run with injury and they will be right up there.

For what it’s worth… I hope Adelaide have a cracking year and Carlton continue to get injuries and cant find any consistency with their football and finish last. And I also hope that Liam Stocker is a flop. :slight_smile:

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