Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


Coach: Brendon Bolton

2018 –

Points For – 17th

Points Against – 18th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Patrick Cripps

  2. Kade Simpson

  3. Ed Curnow

  4. Charlie Curnow

  5. Dale Thomas

2018 Rising Star Noms

Paddy Dow (Round 14)

Ins – Alex Fasolo, Mitch McGovern, Nic Newman, Will Setterfield, Sam Walsh, Liam Stocker, Finbar O’Dwyer, Ben Silvagni, Hugh Goddard, Thomas Bugg

Outs – Ciaran Byrne, Jesse Glass-McCasker, Nick Graham, Sam Kerridge, Jed Lamb, Cillian McDaid, Aaron Mullett, Cameron O’Shea, Sam Rowe, Matt Shaw, Alex Silvagni, Matthew Wright

My Prediction

Dale Thomas came fifth in their best and fairest. Think about that. Fifth in their best and fairest. They delisted a massive list of players and there isn’t a single player that you would want to give a second go to. Every time I get sucked into thinking that their lists is improving and it seems to find a way to get worse.

They looked to have traded pretty well this year at a surface level, but then it could end up being the same old Carlton that we have gotten used to. McGovern has often looked like he is going to come on in leaps and bounds but then seems to get in his own way. Setterfield could be a beast but his body has pretty serious question marks over it. If he gets going though alongside Cripps, it is a very formidable clearance machine they have on the inside.

The backline went terribly last year. They had looked to be developing the year before with Liam Jones playing surprisingly well and Weitering looking like they had a great future full back on their hands but then Jones got found out and Weitering lost all form and confidence as they moved him forward. They have a good intercept marker in Marchbank but serious questions on his disposal. Simpson is quality but has to stop at some stage and Docherty’s knee is a disaster for them. There is natural improvement in their backline but not enough.

The midfield is a one man clearance machine right now. Cripps is a beast and gets the job done but he needs support. Murphy has dropped his output, Fisher and O’Brien are just ok. Dow looks a quality player but still a year or two away from holding his own. Petrevski-Seton needs to get to the stage where he is able to move through the middle more to give them class but he dropped his output dropped last year as well. Setterfield could make a difference and give Cripps a chop out but they still are feeding it out to substandard players. Walsh should play a lot of minutes in his first season.

The forward line is an area I think you can see the future. McKay and Curnow are good as your marking forwards and gives the little guys something to work around. Fasolo will make an impact this year (and kick 8 against the Bombers). They have a gap around the small crumbing forward position and not sure who will fill that.

Kreuzer is a great ruck when he can get on the field and get his body right but that isn’t nearly as often as they would want it to be. Lobbe looked ok when he got a run and we know his best is good enough.

I think the pressure comes on Bolton this year. He has had a pretty comfortable run so far and has taken the team backwards which very few of us actually thought was possible. Another year at the bottom of the ladder will bring the pressure. I don’t see how they can get out of the bottom 4. I don’t think they are the worst team in the comp but for mine they are pretty close. I think 17th is about the mark for me.


Fark Carlton.

It’s a privilege to be first. Thanks @Allblack


Thanks allblack, always enjoy these reads over summer.

Satisfying to see Carlton still looking rubbish. Hoping we’ll be both motivated and capable of pumping them by 100+ this year after 2018’s debacle.

As some would have noted from the previous Carlton thread I initially was expecting them to improve a fair bit in 2019 and thought 7 or 8 wins was a very good possibility.

I’ve since had a very close look at their list and I just can’t see a big improvement now. I noted after that close look that their best 22 should be competitive, but they have zero depth. Most of the guys outside their best 22 are blokes that should have been delisted already or they are very long shots based on their draft position and what they have shown so far. It’s hard to understand how a list can be in such bad shape. Since then they have already lost Docherty.

Comparing to Gold Coast, I would say Carlton’s best 7 or 8 players are well ahead.
Gold Coast really lacks star players at the moment.
But there will be a serious battle for spots in Gold Coast’s team. It’s very hard to pick their best 22 because they still have a lot of talented young players (1st to about 4th year) who were reasonably high draft picks and haven’t cemented their place in the team yet for various reasons. Throw in the journeymen they picked up like Mikes, Ellis and Horlin-Smith and Gold Coast are far better placed to keep putting out a competitive team if 5 or 6 of their best 22 are injured.

I’m starting to lean heavily towards another spoon for FCFC.
That would be hilarious because:
(a) it’s another spoon for them
(b) Adelaide have their first pick

Imagine how screwed they’ll be if Cripps gets a long term injury


They’d improve IMO.

From being forced to share the load?

Yep. And from realising that having a midfield that revolves around “that one guy” is a dumb idea in 2018.


I love these previews. They are one of the best highlights of the off season, and l look forward to them greatly. So Kudos to Allblack for running this series again this season.

A good part of the answer to the above issue about how their list can be so bad is provided by the list of players they have turned over, another 12. That makes close to 50 players turned over in the last 4 years IIRC. Think about that for a moment. More than a whole playing list. That is no way to build confidence, nor stability. The serious knee injuries suffered have only added to their woes. Then there is the inability to develop players properly, case in point Weitering, who went backwards at a great rate of knots, after looking like on debut that he would rule their back line for a decade. Petrovski - Seton doesn’t impress me either, looks a bit timid for the contest.


Will win the spoon again. GC will finish higher.

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We must flog them next year.
No excuses.


F. C.


Forever may they rot in Hell.


They’ll still beat us, but they will still end up bottom 2ish. And they’ve traded away their first pick

For a guy with a broken back no less

What’s amazing about that delisted list is how many there are and how few I had ever heard of.


No, they traded pick 1 in 2019 for 2018’s pick 19 (Stocker) and Adelaide’s first pick in 2019.

Awesome, if allblack is starting these we’re getting close.

Fark Carlton, they’re irrelevant, again.


What’d they give up for McGovern? Or was he a FA?

2 Second rounders, access to a state league mature ager and change.

I think that deal’s possibly OK value.

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I don’t think they’ll be bottom of the ladder.
Without looking into their draw, they should be better than Gold Coast and St Kilda. They’ll probably beat Freo and Brisbane if they play them here but wouldn’t be favoured away. They’ll probably fluke a win against North Melbourne.

That should be enough to have them in the bottom between 15th and 17th in the league and that’s about what can be expected of them.
Bolton has done well with this team. Last year was the first time they’ve under achieved and I don’t think it was by much. If they start off with a smashing or lose their first six games, he’ll be under huge scrutiny. Conversely, if they get on a roll early in the season, their young players will grow in confidence and carry that until injuries and the length of the season become a problem.

As another post mentioned above, their depth will bring them unstuck hence why in June and July, they’ll be irrelevant. I certainly don’t see their VFL team being competitive at all.

Hopefully for Weitering’s sake, he’s played down back. He was played forward because they didn’t have anything better to play there, but now with McGovern and Curnow, he should be kept down back to develop in the position he is best suited.
I think they have done this rebuild better than their last one. They’ve tried to get the backline and forward line in place and add to the midfield as you go. Usually, they go all in on the midfield and try to patch up the backline or forward line.

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