Season 2019 - Fark Carlton

2 wins
Unwatchably bad ball movement.
Worst crowds since they moved out of Princes Park.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the job he’s doing, but he’s not doing well.


Didn’t Freo keep them goalless for 3 quarters in 2018 at Etihad? And Brisbane are better than you are giving them credit for


As I posted, his results last year were poor.
Do you think their list was good enough to win 6 games in 2017 and 7 in 2016? He got more out of that list than anyone could have predicted.
They won 4 in 2015 which is about right with the list they had.

Brisbane and Freo are better than Carlton. But neither team are good enough to back themselves in Melbourne. They’d win one or two here, but the bulk of their wins will be at home.
I think Carlton will get closer to their 2016 and 2017 results than their 2018 result.

He’s been there 3 seasons and had 15 wins and the 3rd season was comfortably the worst. That’s a really bad sign.
At some point it becomes at least partially the fault of the coach, not just the recruiters.
If the majority of their youngsters continue to show very little this season then that point has well and truly arrived.
Hopefully then is when they lock him in to a 3 year contract in the hope that some job security improves his performance


I really hope they win the spoon again.

Best 22
B: Plowman Jones Simpson
Hb: Thomas Weitering Marchbank
C: Dow Cripps Petrevski-Seton
Hf: O’Brien McKay Fisher
F: Fazolo Curnow McGovern
R: Kreuzer Murphy Curnow
Int: Walsh Setterfield Kennedy, Stocker
Emg: Lobbe, Casboult Bugg

I guess McKay gives Kreuzer a chip out in ruck.
Lobbe is handy backup as Kreuzer injury prone.
3 tall forwards good but no small??
They will probably rob petrevski seton from midfield and send him forward.
LeBois could be a option up forward too.
Bugg could fill a role, docherty is a big out again.

My bench is basically guys they want to get games into, Walsh, setterfield, Kennedy, Stocker.

On potential and talent best 22 is ok
But turnover, youth, lack of cohesion means they should struggle again also depth outside 22 is lacking imo.

Prediction: Bottom 4
Rising Star Nominee: Sam Walsh (Rd 1)
Fark Carlton


There was more potency in my colostomy bag this morning than this team (not a good reference)

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You missed Lachie O’Brien. He’ll be in the best 22. Top 10 draft pick from 2017, played nearly every game in 2018. Midfielder. I’d say Lang out.

Fair enough, I haven’t seen much of Carlton this year to be honest. So don’t really know o’brien
And Lang just added in as a forward, he will probably get delisted at year s end given their recent history.

Possibly maybe see others too.
Just hoping did t select any delisted players :joy:

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Love your write ups @Allblack.

Keep up the good work, my man :+1:

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Walsh will play Rnd 1, and will be another gun.

I certainly agree the list has gotten worse over the time he’s been there.
If only the coach had some input into that.

15 wins over 3 years is “lucky to have a job” territory, in anyone’s language.

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P.S. Fark Carlton.

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15 wins in 3 years is more than I expected as a result with that list.
I thought they’d win 2 or 3 in 2016 (only because they played us twice that year).
I thought 2 at best in 2017.
And around 3 to 4 at best in 2018.

I’m not sure what more can be asked of him. As I posted, 2018 was below expectations, bit 16 and 17 were well above expectations. He picked up a team with a lot of list cloggers and rubbish. They still have list cloggers and rubbish on their list. If he wanted better results in 2018, I’m sure he would have held on to Gibbs.
It’s going to be a long rebuild with no quick fixes.

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I keep thinking that the list looking terrible was a point against him.
Silly me.

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Must beat these ■■■■■ and I’m not talking about a 2-3 goal win a proper belting. our team is way more talented than theirs should be a 50-60 point win.

Felt so embrassed walking out the MCG knowing we just lost to them.


If we cannot beat them by 80 points next season, they are on the improve.
F1ck Carlton.

I don’t think Carlton has a best 22.

It’s more a “least worst” 22.

Will finish 17 or 18th this year.


I recon they’ll be the bolters in 19.

As in Bolton will be gone by round 19.