Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


I think it is great that Blitz is not content with just one Fark Carlton thread, but FCFC inspires so much hate it has to spread out over two threads.

At least, it’s two threads for now.

Maybe we should start up another in the history forum.

And, lest we forget: Fark Carlton.


P.S. Fark Carlton.




A little something for Carlton FC
Fark Carlton!


I more just for laughs


Since when do a few wanna be famous people with a million fake bot followers become a ‘multi-million dollar business?’


Having attended too many games where FarkCarlton people were present over the years, i can affirm that many of their supposed actual supporters are bots.

Don’t know if they’re Russian or North Korean, but it seems to have started under the influence of “Sticks” Kernahan.


Fark Carlton don’t deserve to be in the presence of Eliza Dushku.

But auto-LIKE from me.


FC have recruited a player who is described as a “young gun” : Will Setterfield
Not at all. With 2 AFL games, averaging 9 disposals, 3 contested, and 0.5 clearances.
A more appropriate description is that he could be anything.


You realise that already puts him in the top 10% of talent at Carlton.


Well Facebook has done a good job - Not all their profiles are real - There are so many hook ups with different with other media companies which then create skeleton profiles.


Yet a few on BLItz wanted to sell the house for Setterfield.


He supported us as a kid.

Do you see where you went wrong now?


I would have taken him for a third rounder.


I wanted him for cheap.

but yeh would be behind all our young mids Merrett, Langford, Parish, McGrath
plus the experienced ones
Heppell, Zaharakis, Smith, Shiel, Myers

So would need to be dominating in the VFL and then hes against Clarke/Mutch etc just to get a crack, plus the big contract why we passed.


I had an entertaining discussion re SOS being a “list management guru” with a Carlturd a while ago. My opinion was that he got an over-inflated reputation as a list manager duting his time at GWS for being the “mastermind” behind their list. They had every 2nd 1st rounder in their entry draft, of course they were going to get a talented list. Still, they managed to bomb out on a number of high draft picks (O’Rourke, Pickett, Boyd wasn’t a great Pick at #1 given who went after him, etc), but they could afford that more than any other club given the sheer number of high picks they had in their formative years.


I think they kind of new that with Boyd but they’d picked so many mids they knew they had to pick what they thought was the best tall that year.

I’m speculating as I haven’t done any research to defend my claims however


Everytime you post something it comes out in Conan dialogue.
Funny that.


Easy to look good with that many bites at the cherry.


I’d give a second rounder for him.