Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


All he really had to do was read a phantom draft or two pre draft.


It’s a joke that SOS is held up on a pedestal as a recruiting/drafting guru. He has done nothing but take early picks. A real success story is finding gems later in drafts - early picks are always going to be ok. I’m struggling to recall a pick outside 20 that he has used and found a player. The live trade he made this year was further evidence he thinks early picks is the only way of getting top end talent - unless it’s one of his sons.

PS Fark Carlton and Fark SOS


It’s not an auction…


Outside of Carlton employing him is there any evidence that SOS is held in high regard?

I wouldn’t think he’s discussed about in glowing terms or anything.


The media love him. He is given so much credit for creating the awesome list that GWS had. Also ask any Fark Carlton supporter they will tell you he’s a team of the century list manager.


I don’t respect fark carlton supporters opinions.


While SOS and Walls are associated with Carlton I am happy.



Glad we didn’t get him the kid has played what like 2 games since he’s been drafted and is injury prone. cant believe some were happy to offer a first rnd pick lols.


A blind monkey could have picked that list !


Is Cameron highly regarded amongst peers.
You’d think he’s had long enough


You’re giving away SOS’s secret draft strategy.


What about a 1000 of them with a thousand typewriters


That would mean they were working in. Launceston. :sunglasses:

And in a highbrow environment.




We out source everyone back to Vic. They assimilate quicker to.


Reported for Avatar


Exactly my point on SOS. He hasn’t ever done anything.

In saying that I think SOS has some serious issues with his senses - he reckons he touched Longy’s goal in the ‘93 grand final.

Fark Carlton


I hope SOS stays at Carlton for another 10 years.


And Bolton.


And the private jet