Season 2019 - Fark Carlton

■■■■ club, please fold.


Have they added Walsh to their leadership group yet?



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He’s the captain isn’t he?

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  1. I have no idea who Walsh is.

  2. Check out and the comments. “Choofa” wins the internet for today.


sure its not welsh, first initial R

They are delightfully awful and will shoot it out for another spoon. Giving pick 1 to Adelaide would be a delicious little cherry on top.


That first round trade is going to spend the season haunting them. It’s magnificent


Will rise up the ladder.

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In all seriousness they won’t win the spoon (Gold Coast perhaps have the worst list for two decades) but they won’t get much better without Docherty and with Murphy slowly dropping off. I think bottom 4 for sure.

The following year (with more games into their kids and Doch returning) is when they’ll make the rapid rise to 11ish wins (if they stick the course with Bolton, who I rate)

There’s usually a few teams down the bottom who have a terrible injury run, or some off field issue, and you can’t really predict who these teams will be

I can predict it… Quite easy. It’s Carlton.


Dylan Buckley celebrates that point he kicked a few years ago. Carlton in a nutshell :joy:


No guarantee he comes back the same player. 2 years out of football is damn long time. The game can go by you in a matter of weeks.

And Murphy “slowly” declining? He fell off the side of the earth last year.

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Even if their high draft picks come on very quickly they’re still likely to only have about 15 AFL quality players at the end of 2019. Have a close look at their list. It’s still terrible and they’ll be relying a lot on their top talent becoming real stars to try and paper over the other cracks in their list

IMO Bolton is the sacrificial lamb who has very little input into the team and the structure. As soon as they have felt the list is rebuilt they will dump him and get someone who they think can coach.


Fuckk Carlton may they long continue to be the comps cellar dwellers.



They got him for his teaching skills, perfect for the rebuild phase.

Yep I was being very generous in both those assessments

You’re right, but we don’t really have any idea that he can’t coach too. I mean who could really tell either way given the steaming turd that their list is?