Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


Fark Carlton, but I love it when Rance loses a contest and whinges about it.


The Carlturds are ■■■■ but they are trying at least. Richmond will still win this by about 6-7 goals…


Watching Settlefield, makes me wish he came to us.


Yeah - he is one that got away.
Would have been a great trade period if we had of grabbed him as well.


That midfield is going to be pretty solid in a couple of years. Liked the look of Down last night. Was thinking during the game that the addition of Sheil and Setterfield would have been awesome.


With all Carltons number 1 draft picks, they are yet to win a rising star award.
Early on they were thinking Sam Walsh is a good chance.
And now connor Rozee puts in a fantastic performance and must be leading everyone.

We have had 2 Heppell and McGrath.


Was my #1 pick


I recall not long ago, after our 0-2 record, comments from FC fans about how Shiel would regret choosing us over FC.

Fast forward 3 weeks later and I would like to see what these FC supporters are saying now.


Some are saying it was a good decision by their club because it may have cost them Walsh… forgetting that it wasn’t their decision.


Shame shame

I was thinking they might knock off Roos this week but yeah nahhh


Let’s not gloat over injuries, even to FCFC.

Heaven knows we have suffered far worse on that front.


Yep, … should never gloat about injuries to any oppo player, … bad Juju.

You can hope, … but don’t gloat. :smiling_imp:


Fark the swines. More injuries please


Was hoping Simpson would miss our game, probably be back by then.


low-grade, low-level, bit of a…

FCFC supporters will be saying they’re all cooked for the season


Some horrific reading in there for Blues fans

Pick3 - Paddy Dow’s kicking distastrous

Kennedy and Setterfield doing diddly squat

  1. They are just sheet. :wink:

  1. And will continue to be

  1. Ad infinitum.

  1. I don’t give enough of a fark about FCFC to even bother reading that.

I don’t need to know anyone’s opinion on why they are shitt, … I can see they’re shitt, and I’m happy.