Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


I don’t think Sydney will make the 8, but I highly doubt they’ll get turned over by FC…


Would the AFL give them a round zero priority pick if they wooden-spooned?


I have a sneaky suspicion you don’t know how the game is played in this thread.


Based on?

They won 2 games last year and still threw lifelines to 6 retreads.

EDIT: know what this 2 win list needs? Alex fkg Fasolo.


You say this like they have an option.


I kinda think they do.
I mean, when you’re playing Simpson and Thomas in your best 22, the trade they made was straight out negligent.
As if they couldn’t have got an absolute proven back gun for that pick next year.
But I do think if they stay the course and hold their young players they’ll eventually be okay.
Turmoil would see the eyes picked out of their list though.


Hope you’re right


Surely not. They are the ones who made the decisions to trade away senior players and go to the draft. Now they have swapped a first round pick with Adelaide a decision which can’t be rewarded with a priority pick.


(a) I think their best 22 is likely to be a fair bit better than last year. Whilst they have few injuries they might be dangerous occasionally.
Their depth is ■■■■ though so it won’t take many injuries to make them uncompetitive

(b) I think sydney will miss the 8 and have the odd shocker similar to the Gold Coast loss last year


I’d like 4 or 5 wins for them, but still finish bottom. Enough wins to convince them they are doing the right thing, so the is another draft period of SOS GWS rejects and questionable trading.


Apparently Bolton said today that this the side to take them forward. Interesting when you consider Liam Jones is still at full back.


Lowest first quarter score against the Tigers ever.


awful, no wonder they are desperate for JLT wins


Daisy Thomas, Simpson, E Curnow, Murphy.
Elite youth


Copping a nice old shellacking. Bugger - just got a goal.

Edit: Bugger - and another. I better stop watching .I am giving them a reverse mozz.


Umps got a rev up from AFL HQ during qtr time I s’pose.


Me & bunch of mates making the trip to Melbourne this year round 3. Us v Cheesboards @ the G Friday night then I have to sit thru Shitney v Scum Saturday @ Docklands (4 of my mates are Swans supporters)
I managed to dig out my Bombers members t shirt 2002?? “ I barrack for Essendon & anyone whos playing Carlton”


Carlton’s pressure and running has been great. I think if we were their opponent tonight we will be losing this game.

Their fitness guy is from Hawthorn. Top 3 players for distance covered is Carlton. Thomas is playing at his best…I thought he was gone three years ago. They got them depth now. I am not liking this much. Lol.


No they haven’t. Their best 22 is ok, but after that they fall away really badly. Keep in mind they are 22 points down at half time, they are not winning the game.


they were smashing Richmond at the start of last year in the 1st half. theyre coming out of the gates firing now. it wont last