Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


I hope we do them by 40 goals.


It’s an unfortunate bystander.


Not keen on playing 20 games a year at Marvel though :grinning:


It’d only be for 2 seasons, max.

I think it’s a worthy sacrifice.


Get neutrals to attend just to see how badly Fark Carlton get Farked up:

“Dons fans, do you hate a ■■■■?”


I’m hoping for a glitch in the PA system to “accidently” play the brown note instead of the siren for the start and finish of each quarter.


Ask the terrine.


I’ll get ready for the rockets but…
They’re showing a bit more fight and determination than our guys at the moment and in a few weeks time it could well be the tipping point on who will play finals first.

Time to put the red and black glasses back on. Farkcarlton.


I disagree, we have played well in most games and been close in most games. They are not playing better than us in any way. (and no I am not talking us up and saying we are playing well)


Not saying they’re playing better. Its just we seem a tad snowflakey.


Five days since “Fark Carlton”? Disgraceful. This club’s farked.



But are our weaknesses exploited by their strengths?

They continually hunt us, while we walk into games disrespecting them, because they have been in the bottom 4 for many years.

Then we lose games to them. FC

That’s not a rare occurrence either, or accounted for by massive out of our key players.


Post reported.

Fark Carlton.


Because you haven’t donated :wink:


Cruel and unusual punishment.


Elected Essendon Board member visits fan website that belittles opposition team.

We have elected wisely.


Did you see the game against Nth Melbourne?


They’ll beat us by 28 points.


Freaky Friday Fark Carlton stat

There are more players that have represented both the Giants and Fark Carlton than there are years the Giants have been in existence.


Carlton giving the giants a good training run