Season 2019 - Melbourne


Coach – Simon Goodwin

2018 –

Points For – 1st
Points Against – 9th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Max Gawn
  2. Clayton Oliver
  3. James Harmes
  4. Nathan Jones
  5. Tom McDonald

2018 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Kade Kolodjashnij, Steven May, Braydon Preuss, Tom Sparrow, James Jordon, Aaron Nietschke, Marty ■■■■, Toby Bedford, Kade Chandler

Outs – Harley Balic, Tom Bugg, Lochie Filipovic, Jesse Hogan, Dion Johnstone, Dean Kent, Mitch King, Pat McKenna, Cameron Pederson, Dom Tyson, Bernie Vince

My Prediction

Melbourne has made the decision that now is the time to go. They have traded hard and given away talent to get talent. Years of tanking for picks and bad decisions have led them to a place where their lists looks chock full of talent and they have bulked that up over the trade period to make sure they have quality across most lines. They haven’t been scared to pay a high price for talent. This year they will be expecting it to start paying off.

Their backline didn’t work last year. They have invested heavily in bringing May into the side and he is a great pick up, he will make them much more secure down back and I would expect him to raise his game to another level with some solid support players around him. Salem and Hibberd give them run off half back and Kolodjashnij was a fair pair of steak knives and if he gets back to his best will be in their best 22. Trading Hogan removed the flexibility to bring Tom McDonald back but his brother and Lever should be enough support for May.

The midfield missed Viney last year. They have Oliver who is a beast but with his partner Viney at the coal face, it makes them a lot harder to stop. Brayshaw managed to keep his brain from getting rattled and played some amazing footy last year as well. I wonder about the absolute depth of midfield talent on their list and it will be interesting to see what happens if a couple of injuries happen to starters.

The forward line will be watched closely this year. Maybe Weideman is a super talent ready to replicate what he showed at the end of last year, they will be hoping so as they have bet the farm on it. They traded Hogan after watching their forward line perform well for 2 months without him. Tom McDonald and Weideman got the job done, again they look a little thin for depth but their best team gets the job done. Petracca showed signs last year that he is ready to get to another level and I think they need him to. They have small forwards but very few in the competition can rip a game apart like him.

The rucks are sorted. They have the best ruckman in the game and have gone and found him a backup in the form of Preuss. Again, they don’t want injuries in this area as Gawn in their most important player. The coach still has a few questions marks on him but answered most of questions last year, that being said they need a premiership soon and nothing less.

I like the way Melbourne have built their list but I am still not sold on trading Hogan away. I know at some stage he was likely to go but I still don’t feel they won that trade. That being said, they have gold on every line and talent across the field, they don’t bat deep but if they keep their best players playing, they will go ok. I think they are a top four list and should finish in the 3-4 range this year.


Lol at Marty ■■■■.


On the surface they could be the best placed list in the league as far as talent across the board & a good age mix goes. Their backline could be super strong assuming Lever gets back to somewhere near his abilities & May fits in. They have genuine lockdown defenders & good rebounding talent that should match most if not all forwardlines in the game.

In the midfield Viney is a massive inclusion. Its not that they were soft, but he’s genuine hard that you can never have too much of. They could possibly use a bit more outside pace & elite kicking but its not a glaring weakness.

Forward looks the only possible issue. McDonald had an excellent year but will that be his standard now? I’d like more than 1 years form before you declare he’s ready to build a forward line around. Hogan, even though I never rated him as a real threat , still kicked 47 goals last year & they will have to somehow replace that. Weiderman is the obvious one who might be ready to be a significant factor but while his 1st 2 finals were promising he’s still young & developing. Ideally they would have liked him to be 2 years & 40 games more experienced. Petracca, Melksham & Neal-Bullen can all bob up for a few goals but I reckon they desperately need a genuine goalsneak for a bit of magic & forward pressure. Not sure if Garlett has that left in him.

There’s no significant reason to believe they will be a worse side than 2018 & a few good reasons to expect they will improve. Having said that I still wouldn’t mind meeting them in a big MCG final to see if the’re still a little bit of that soft underbelly to be exposed.

Theyre going to be a very good side this year

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I wonder how much depth there is in that midfield…hardnuts in Oliver, Viney and Jones, outside in Brayshaw, tagger in Harmes, but all the rest are flankers.

They look annoyingly good.


I think the recruitment of May more than offsets the loss of Hogan in the immediate term

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Injury permitting they will be Grand Finalists I think. Let’s hope we’re the opponent.

Yeah, I see no reason they shouldn’t really be there. I think anything less than making it is really a failure on their behalf.

Let’s just make the whole season like 2000.
We even play the Bulldogs in round 21


Sadly they’re going to make it.

Hate when one of their fans rubbishes us about the saga then in the next breath has a verbal toss over Goodwin.

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The team I fear the most. Will be competing with us strongly for 5 years.

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Top 4 this year. Could be a real chance.

Only question is on their mental toughness, seem a bit lacking in this.

Goodwin seems to have the good stuff as a coach.

please don’t be good. the paul roos wankfest will be unbearable


They’ll definitely challenge this year. Melbourne and Richmond in my opinion are the top seeds for 2019. May, Viney and Lever are big inclusions and outweigh the loss of Hogan.
Maybe not this year but I see us cruising past these guys. Beside them having the dominant ruckman I think we have the better forward line, our midfield is ready and set for the long term and will become dominant and defence currently is as good if not better however two aging key posts would require Zerk to successfully transition into AFL which most believe he will.
I think us, Melbourne and Brisbane will be the most successful clubs over the next 5-7 years.

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Viney is a heart and soul of a club type player, his return will be massive for them. It also means they will be less reliant on Jones, who was in the same position as Viney, 3 - 5 years ago. They are building and primed for a big year, with a very tight defensive unit. The forwards are a work in progress, but McDonald is genuine class, and ready made to replace Hogan.

Top 4 looks a certainty, after that anything is possible.

Might be famous last words but I think they are overrated. They are talked up like they just need to take another step, which imo flatters them.

  • flogged in the prelim after only beating Geelong and Hawthorn.
  • finished 5th but had double up games against Geelong, Adelaide, WB, GC and Stkilda. An easy draw.
  • Their spine of May, Lever and Weidman havent played in the team. It’s going to take time to gel.
  • a lot of the grunt last year was Vince and Tyson(both gone) and Lewis and Jones who are both wrong side of 30.
  • replacing Hogan is a challenge.

Is the window open, absolutely. However progress isn’t linear and they have more improvement needed than last year indicates.

Anywhere from 4th to missing the finals.


They had a fairly decent % from memory. They didn’t fall over the line. They put sides to the sword. I reckon they are top 4 material & will play finals this year. Gawn just feeds those mids.

It’s a bit of wishful thinking on my behalf. I’m sick of their supporters allready. They have engraved the cup allready.

Defensive pressure imo is a step below the top echelon.

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