Season 2019 - Melbourne


They are building nicely.

I hope we are doing better.


Can’t agree on the Vince/Tyson point. They were bit players when they played.

But Jones and Lewis still seemingly being important players is a concern. If they drop away who else will help Oliver, Viney and Brayshaw?

Is Petracca going to make more of a midfield contribution? Do they have any young, quick guys to add to the mix?

They seem to be a great inside midfield team. Not sure they’ve got the pace or outside skill.

I expect them to make top 4 but I have question marks on their midfield despite it being a strength last year


I’m happy for them to go well and then fall over when it matters.


The @Allblack reviews are the highlights of the off season.



B: Jetta, May , O.McDonald
HB: Koldashnij, Lever Hibberd
C: Harmes Viney© Salem
HF:.Melksham, Weideman Petracca
F: Fritsch T.McDonald, Garlett
R: Gawn, Brayshaw Oliver
Int: Jones© Spargo Hannan Lewis
EMG: VandenBergNeal-Bullen Preuss
Depth: Kennedy-Harris, Hunt, Stretch

Melbourne have talent on all lines.
They should make the 8 again, and most AFL analysts have them top 4.
They are primed.
They have Lever and May to build up cohesion in defence, and possibly Koldashnij as well, I think he is a player and should slot into the backline allowing Salem to play more midfield and be that 7th defender.
Its hard fitting players in the 22. Lewis could fall off the cliff this year, but they may need his finals experience.
With Koldashnij added to the lineup I think that Hunt will struggle to get near the team and will be looking for opportunities elsewhere next year.

Prediction 3-6, they will have a harder draw, and lose to us round 3, An injury to a key forward and they could be in trouble, as they would be trying to play 2 rucks I believe with Gawn spending more time forward. After last year expectations would be a Grand final appearance or at least a preliminary final again. Their premiership window is open now.


Finally! After a few years of being on the wrong end (in terms of recovery) of playing this mob after AD, Essendon has a great shot at turning the tables. In recent history Essendon generally match Melbourne for a half only for them to overrun a tiring Bombers outfit.


I would love for our media team to come up with something like this


Bit over the top for mine.

Plus it’s melbourne who are bunch of flogs.


Be very interesting to see how they deal with the added pressure of the expectation of going deep in the finals.

On paper their backline and midfield looks very very strong. Not sold on their forwardline come the pointy end of the season

Should make top 4 comfortably


I’l be interested to see how their midfield goes. Very strong inside. But if teams match them there, have they got the pace to match teams with outside run?


I want the old Melbourne back when we flogged them by 140 points

■■■■ them


More than half of their best 22 have had surgery and an interrupted preseason. They also have fresh faces through their spine. I think they will make finals but they’ll drop a few more games than expected.


Wank-ey video.

Overrated team.


Disagree. It looked a bit understated in parts, hit the right spots when needed. Very stylish effort. You are allowing your bias to show through.



Isn’t it a matter of taste?


probably about as well as we will.


Your first line could be construed as a matter of taste, but the second line more than negates it.


I thought the second line was just emphasising my point😂


Wouldn’t be at all surprised if they are in the GF this year.


This is their best chance for a flag since the 1980’s. Should finish top 4.