Season 2019 - Melbourne


They are garbage. Surprised if they reach top 4. Probably 7th, we’ll be 8th


Is this a serious post?
Or are you just negative about every team, not just essendon?


i reckon they’ll make finals, but fall out. it takes time to stop being a loser club.


Serious. They’re soft. Remind me of us way too much circa 2009/10/11/12 but obviously better


His predicted ladder is probably
1st. Us
18th. Everyone else


Very doubtful, he would actually say

It is 18th everyone else
we don’t even make the ladder


Next year will see a 20 year anniversary of same 2 teams in GF with same result. The only difference will be this time we’ll win the year before as well.


How important was Hogan? Sold their soul after 2 good games from Weideman.


They have bigger problems than their forwardline, their midfield can’t run.


Yep people forget about how good his year was last year. Forward with stints in the midfield. Huge loss


Let’s see how many turn up to their blockbuster on Wednesday now that they are complete trash


The top of their midfield is good…but slow (Brayshaw maybe excepted)…and there’s no depth in it.


They have no outside run. Last year the saints exposed it, we also did the same to them in round 3. Get them to commit to the contest then burn them on the outside.

At the end of the day, they are only 2 games outside the top 4, but their next 5 games are
GC (A)
Eagles (A) travelling twice in 6 days???

They need to win at least 3, reckon they’ll probably only win 1.


They actually remind me of a plodding midfield like howlett, hocking, jobe, stanton etc. All one paced.

They seriously, seriously need some speed. In saying that though, they looked a top 4 proposition last season and heading into this year. Im not sure whats gone wrong for them


I always felt the Lever cost ($$$ + 2 first round picks) was too expensive…and it may have been a turning point.

Lever doing his knee was unforeseeable…anyway, it has meant that a huge investment is delivering nil return.

And because it left them with no $$$/picks to work with in the next trade period, they had to trade Hogan to get May…with May expected to strengthen the defense…a defense that was missing Lever…and now May is injured, ha!

Maybe…next trade period…they should trade Weideman to get in a KPD…to stiffen up their defense…(jokes).


I have also been pondering they way they use Petracca…in the 2014 draft, Petracca was pick 2, Degoey was pick 5.

Now, Degoey is a more dangerous player IMO, switching between FF and Centre Clearance work.

By comparison, doesn’t Petracca just predominantly roam across the HF line? I think they should be thinking about using him more often in the centre…shouldn’t there be more opportunity now that Dom Tyson has gone, and Nathan Jones isn’t in the centre as much?


Totally agree and thought the same thing about the plodding midfield yesterday watching them.

They also remind me of us last season where there is talent there but it just doesn’t click for whatever reason.

They are horrid at he moment. Goodwin could be gone shortly if things don’t turn around.


Didn’t he just extend his contract?


Just shows you how important pace is.
Particularly defending the midfield.

Sydney are in the same boat.
Tooo slow.


During the pre-season I was relieved to see we only played Melbourne once this year.

Not so much now!