Season 2019 - Melbourne


Dees have got to be fkn spewing

Traded off Hogan who is doing very good things at Freo

McDonald and Weidemann have barely fired a shot in which they planned to have their fwd line work around

And May, their big name recruit & supposed leader (was co-captain at GC) turned up completely unfit and is now out injured with what could be a problematic issue for his career

That on top off Lever doing his knee as well previous year


They need to send Tom Macdonald back to defence to get his confidence up, no point having both the defence and attack playing like ■■■■



They start him on the edge of the square and then he just kinda floats around all game.

He is either injured or cooked.

He is usually their barometer and the guy who gives 110% week in, week out.

This year he just looks bog average.


“A well-placed source” ffs.
What is this ■■■■■■■■, Little Finger?


McDonald kicked lots of goals last year, but that’s kind of because the best defender went to Hogan.

Now the best defender goes to McDonald and Weideman goes ok, but isn’t good enough to beat a quality second kpp defender.
And dees don’t go to him enough.

Games I have watched the dees best forward has been Jayden Hunt. And he is a poor shot for goal. But able to get separation with his speed. And keeps presenting.

Just looked melksham is leading the goal kicking for them. Which is good for a medium forward.

We have Tippa in 13 and stringer 9 but a few other with more than 5
Fantasia, Brown,

Stringer with also 9 misses and Fanta 8 behinds
Shiel 5 behinds


Not sure where Melbourne are struggling more as a club - on field or off field.

The whole Steven May drinking episode just stinks to me. They have taken the complete opposite approach to how we handled the Daniher having a drink situation by throwing May under the bus and stating they have a very clear no alcohol while in rehab policy. Maybe ridiculous policies like this are impacting their on field performance as they aren’t getting the chance to actually enjoy themselves and their footy.

I really question the issue with someone having a few beers even if in rehab. The pressure placed on footballers these days is ridiculous -even with their wage demands - given the constant media coverage/speculation. These players are human and should be allowed to live life outside the footy bubble from time to time. The hypocrisy of former footballers questioning his professionalism is also out of control. Name a former footballer now working in the media other than Lloydy that didn’t enjoy the odd beer.


Didn’t know where to put it but condolences to brad green, his wife has passed on quite suddenly apparently


Yeah an eye injury of some kind that required surgery and that lead to complications and she passed away. I think she was only 38. Such a terrible tragedy for the family.


That’s horrible. Deepest condolences. What a devastation to the family.


Her sister works at the school where I teach. Great sadness in the community.


Yeah it’s a deeply deeply shocking story. Awful


Pretty ■■■■■■ up.
Goes to show you never really know when your time is up.


I played cricket with brad. Just a lovely bloke.



Can we get Max?


I don’t think he’d consider us an upgrade.


So they were listed at the start of the year by Champion data as the #1 team in the comp. played in a prelim last year. When is the heat going to come onto them and Goody? They both are Teflon.


They were supremely overrated last season. Beat ■■■■ teams and lost to the good ones. Not much more to it


they are horrible. woeful. it’s beautiful.


No-one cares about them so the heat might be a while


It just amazes me that so much heat is on us and Woosha from all in the media but Goody and the Dees escape scrutiny.