Season 2019 - Melbourne


I also love how Sheedy has claimed that he gave him the kick he needed to launch his career.

As opposed to stamping his papers and believing he wasn’t any good. Sometimes Sheedys ego gets in the way. He misfired with Jobe. Big time.


Sheedy was the coach, and Sheedy says publicly that he almost traded him. Fantasy?


Tim seemed to believe it too.


I heard sheeds say he would’ve traded jobe if a really good offer came along - which is true of many players; but that jobe did exceed his expectations. Jobe probably exceeded everyone’s expectations, including his dad.
That said I would offer a pick in the 20s for petracca, and trade shiel for 5 first rounders.


I dont know if he was almost traded but I know Tim has said that he asked Jobe if he wanted to play and if he did he needed to be more professional and do more things on his own and stop waiting for things to happen. Needed to take it more serious.


I’m conflicted here since I want them to do well as a lot of my work relies on their on field performance. On the other hand, my boss is a Melbourne die hard and he is a deadset flog.


Sheedy tells a good yarn mate


Tom Browne reporting that May won’t be available until June/July


You work for the MCC?


That’s some messed up calendar right there.




While the ‘good stuff ‘ is the coach - I want them to fail miserably.


What is actually wrong with May? He missed round with suspension didn’t he? Then what happened to him?


Browne is saying it’s his groin


Neville Jetta out for quite a few too.


The Dees do have an over quota of flog supporters.

Still I cant understand them this season. Great list, really under performing.

Potent mix of midfielders, decent Forwards and a stellar back 6.(ok injured and maybe thats it… But still)

I think they need to look at their depth. Parallel them to us and consider we havent had Hooker in. Gleeson cut down when he was just looking good.


Stallion pls


Anyone else reckon Jones looks completely cooked? Lewis is coppingbthe heat but Jones is really battling IMO.


Jones was pretty good last week (? when they won anyway).
Otherwise cooooooooked. Lewis, super cooked


Yep Jones is really struggling. From what i’ve seen they’re basically playing him in an outside role which doesn’t suit him… but they can’t play him inside because they’ve got about 5 inside mids a mile ahead of him.
Essentially they’re only playing him through sympathy I reckon.
They need to quickly drop him and Lewis to have any chance of moving forward