Season 2019 - Melbourne


That makes no sense at all.


Too many ball butchers - make any forward look rubbish.


Tom McDonald has a brother in the backline…


Don’t you mean Joe + Hooker

Brown was playing defence when fit, and if not Hartley was in.

Hooker was crucial to our fwd line effectiveness


Plus Hooker kicked like 40 goals


It was a very effective 3 tall/3 small setup. Let’s do a bit of a “Where are they now?” On that forward line.

Daniher: By the end of 2019 he will have played 11 of a possible 44 games across 2018-19 after kicking 65 goals, winning a Best and Fairest and gaining AA selection in 2017.

Green: Delisted after the 2018 season.

Walla: Still playing up forward, on track for a 35-40 goal season in 2019.

Fantasia: So far has missed 14 out of a possible 33 games since the 2017 season when he kicked a career-high 38 goals from 20 games.

Hooker: Now playing in defence.

Stewart: Played the first 11 games of 2018, dropped and has not played a senior game since.

Only Walla has been the one constant to the forward line over 2017-19. The rest have either been injured, delisted, or moved to other parts of the field. Amazing!


They remind me of us in 2012.

Can win the ball and extract the pill as good as anyone with bugger all else. Slow, poor disposal and not much depth.

Their midfield can win the ball but no one is capable of lowering their eyes and just hit it long to the square for every single forward 50 entry.


Garlett is the softest player in the league. He hears footsteps in the race coming out of the rooms.


I thought Garlett would have been delisted after last year’s VFL grand final when he soiled his dacks multiple times in the last quarter.


You are correct. I am not.


Had to chuckle at that one.


The Hibberd/Melksham/Goodwin/Egan effect?


They really are a team of circumstances this year. struggled with injury (Lever/May/Melksham/Jetta), you should not underestimate the lack of two very good KPDs on their structure.

The loss of a critical forward player (Hogan) who they probably underrated and overrated the replacements. Hogan really made their whole forward line better just by being their and playing his game. It is now dependant on an athlete who isn’t a smart footballer and a young KPF who is finding out how hard it is to be the number one forward.

Throw in a one dimensional midfield with poor disposal skills and you have a recipe for their year. They will draft well at the end of this year and be well placed to rise rapidly next. If I was Melbourne management I wouldn’t be concerned.


Apart from Oliver their midfield hasn’t fired a shot this season. Jones and Viney have been ineffectual. They aren’t going to get any better in 2020.


Brayshaw also

He finished what 3rd in Brownlow in 2018?


Brayshaw and Oliver have gone completely off the boil over the past 4-5 weeks.
Brayshaw was actually their best mid early in the season, and Oliver was decent.

Viney and Harmes are playing okay at the minute.
They’re not clicking as a unit though !


They took Brayshaw and put him on the wing. Would almost be tanking


Mid season coaching restructure. McCartney to Development (was backline), Jade Rawlings from VFL to backline.


That might become more of a disaster than it is already…


McCartney had a great reputation at Geelong as a development coach.

Has he ever done any good as an onfield coach?

When he came to us, he wanted to get away from development.

Then the prick stole our prospects.