Season 2019 - North Melbourne - first to sack then appoint their coach

David King commenting on it, yeah, shut up King

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David King’s opinions are only worth listening if he’s giving dodgy inside tips for gambling

Geez FS, really banging on with the King stuff, give it a rest, it is about Brad not King.

Who gives a ■■■■ kingy, you’re opinions are half baked and your stats are from some forest for the trees nerd.

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geepers Shinboner Spirit crap back out. Clearly the Shinboner Coterie group was pushing for him to be gone, very clearly King is a part of that group.

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Can someone please summarises this King v Scott stuff? It sounds amusing.

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media personality with a soapbox going ‘hard’ at a coach that called him a squib.

What the hell is FS on? Even King has had enough of it.

We need a thug.
Coaches and leadership group at the moment reckon we need a hug.
But I want a thug.

Not necessarily this thug though

Love it.

dwayne russell looks like he just crawled in from billboards Saturdays.

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Brad Scott made some comments about quality players not wanting to come to North Melbourne…I wonder whether he’s always been looking at what his brother has to work with at Geelong, and feeling envious…

Sooo…I’m not sure this exit is perfectly honourable. I don’t think he’s done everything possible, including sacrificing his pride, to leave North Melbourne looking in the best light. Looks like he’s gotten tired of the effort and is blaming his tools.

I wouldn’t want him at Essendon.

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I watched the same thing and completely disagree with your assessment.

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Oh and Lyon is a grub. Does all he can to cause issues and stir up trouble for others, driving the agenda and pushing hard. Then as soon as it turns on him, he calls out the whole mental health card. He can shove it up his ^*&%.

And Kelli Underwood continues to show why she is hopeless.


Completely agree. On Lyon especially. Don’t criticise Underwood though, the gender card will be played, despite the fact that she’s just rubbish and would get the same criticism if she was male.

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Ha, he reckons Norf will be around for centuries to come.

Don’t know about a thug, but I want someone very well respected who will tell our players they’re soft when they’re soft and drop the senior players when they deserve to be dropped

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was Scott contracted for next year?

I’m just asking because I want to understand the ramifications in regards to football department cap for next year?
If he was contracted for next year I reckon this could help us if we decide to ditch Woosha.
If we were to sack Woosha and be the only club sacking a contracted coach, then no doubt the AFL would make us pay in some way. But obviously North can’t do that so the AFL will have to go easy on them, therefore they’ll have to do the same to anyone else.

Please tell me Scott was contracted for 2020.

Target Ziebell if we can!

Worsfold wont be going anywhere. Would have been a factor in attracting Shiel, Stringer, Saad, Smith.