Season 2019 - North Melbourne - first to sack then appoint their coach


Don’t get why people are even speaking of it.

Haters are dreaming.


He’s cooked

No he wouldn’t have been. None of those 4 would have said “yep, I am dying to play under Worsfold, such a sensational coach”.
They would have come to us for $$$$, our facilities and $$$

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Lol . Shiel came for 400k a year less than he was offered elsewhere.

How the hell do you work that out?. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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What was the second thing I mentioned???

How did you miss that?


Yes he was contracted.

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Nah your comments were not really right. He came for less money and he also came for the playing group as he believes we have a good list. Woosha was a small factor in it as well.

Nothing to do with our superior facilities?

Isn’t a big though about coming to Essendon, post footy opportunities. Namely property development. Our own paper bag.

I am sure it played some part, facilities are certainly good but Shiel was very vocal in describing what he was looking for and it was about the list first. He did a lot of homework and chose the team that best suited his game as well as the tam he saw moving upward. The facilities and coaches would have been a part of that, but not the totality and that’s why he took less money.

The coaching situation has become a big issue but you can’t see that from the outside (well at least last season with the way we ended it). It might make a difference for anyone else this year though.


Here is a thought.

Our club is actually going somewhere. It will start to turn into wins and you all wish you were on board. You will all see soon enough.

Im predicting a thumpin of Carlton this weekend, with basically half our seconds in cos of injury.

That’s not how it works.
When we turn the corner, there will be many congratulating themselves for what they think they did to make the difference.


Our club is going nowhere. There will be no thumping win this week.

Let’s wait and see.
If the crowds drop off, then change happens, then we can argue who did what.

Ill set my avatar to a man being dacked for a month if we dont come out and beat Carlton well.

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What do you call well?
A thumping is 10 goal plus IMO

The one who bounced back from that early experience as a teenager to star in the 2012 GF.? Yes, that role model.

I will change my Avatar to Fraser Brown if we dont beat Carlton this week

FYI We should thump them if we are a serious football side.
But we also should have beaten the swans.

That’s a biiiiig brown paper bag