Season 2019 - St Kilda


Saints best 22
FB: Geary Brown Roberton
HB: Webster Carlisle Jack Newnes
C: Hannebery, Jack Steele, Long
HF: Tim Membrey, Josh Bruce, Jack Billings
FF: Jack Lonie, McCartin, Gresham
R: Longer, Ross, Jack Steven
I/C: McKenzie , Marshall, Clark, Acres
EMG: King Jack Sinclair Jack Bytel

Im not very exceited about Stkilda.
Im not confident on McCartins body holding up, he needs a big preseason.
Im sure the recruiting team would have been happy adding another Jack to the list in Bytel.

Hanneberry should help them through the middle adding some class, but they will still be middle of the road.
They seem to have drafted lots of midfielders, but havent got the quality or depth there IMO.

If your a saints fan, your pinning your hopes on Carlisle, hanneberry and Ross and Jack winning it for them.
They were more relevant in the Winmar/Lockett days, or Goddard/Reiwoldt.

Im not sure the players they have brought in previous years are of adequate talent.
They will be hoping Nick Coffield Bailey Rice and Josh Battle (all high picks) have good years and force themselves into the team along with Ben Long and Hunter Clark.
IF King turns out well then at least they will have a good key forward.
IF McCartin doesn’t deliver this year, may be time to give him the flick, while he has some trade value.
Richardson will be the first coach to go.
They may even get a priority pick, but need to get development right like the blues.
Bottom 4.
Should finish above Blues & Suns and cause the odd upset.


They had 12 wins in 2016 and 11 in 2017. No way they deserve a priority pick even if they have a second successive bad year


What happens to the recruiting department if King does a second knee?


Nothing. Why should it?


3rd most irrelevant club behind GC and norf. Have a bog standard list with zero stars.

I don’t think their coach is much chop either.

Having said that they will probably beat us again at Etihad in round 2.


I don’t think they are as bad as the common wisdom dictates.

They are in the post rebuild weird spot where the good kids aren’t match winners yet. This probably hasn’t been helped by their two top picks in McMartin and Billings not showing alot to date.

No they haven’t stockpiled talent like Melbourne did, but i think steady improvement over the next few years is possible. They still have talent on the list just need to develop it well.


I think they have a very good chance of improving but will fall short of finals. 7-9 wins for mine should be their minimum pass mark but it will all depend on their early season form. They have a patch of very winnable games mid season but if they are already languishing down the bottom from a tougher start they could easily have a new caretaker coach & already be in tanking for the draft mode. They play the Suns at Marvel 1st up which they should win but then play us travel to Freo then Hawks at home, D’s at the G & Crows at Marvel. Win 3 of the 1st 6 & they could potentially be looking at up to 11 wins with some luck & momentum. Their list shouldn’t be bottom 4.


It was always a risk of recruiting him. Given their first rounds busts of late I’m sure there is some pressure that could be applied.


The recruiting of Hannebury says a lot to me about the Aints prospects for this year. Early last season he was rated the worst player in the entire league, yet they picked him up. Why is a mystery, he is cooked.


hes slimmed down alot so unless they are looking to just use him as an outside runner, its a bad move. hes not going to be much chop in the guts. The trade smacks of selling some hope to a disgruntled supporter base. get a household name through the door, even if their form is nosediving and say that you brought him in for his leadership…


Huh? Are you referring to drop in Supercoach value or something like that because even his worst games are better than a hell of a lot of players on every clubs lists. Of course he was miles from his best & him getting back there is a long shot but worst player doesn’t seem fair at all.

We’d really need to know the medical advise to gauge the risk but they effectively paid pick 39 & whatever the difference is between pick 28 in 2018 & their 2nd round pick in 2019 (19 before compo at worst). His last game for the Swans was the Elim final - 24 disposals, 8 marks, 5 clearances. Its not really that big a price even if to us it looks destined to fail.


Okay grain of salt time, l read it on the AFaiL site. Make of that what you will.


If he’s on the mend, it’s a decent trade timed at the low point of his trade value. If he’s cooked, it’s a huge waste of salary cap. It will all come down to the medical staff. I’m not optimistic, but will have to assess at the end of the season.


They said the same of Judd and Selwood, while we got Gumby with a clean bill of health


Doesnt Hanneberrys dad work in the recruiting department for St Kilda?


Don’t know and care even less.


Every chance that Hannebery just did not GAF on the way out. Might be a different player this year.


True, but they have a history now of taking high pick KPPs with health concerns. How many times do they want to roll the dice.


Until 1-2 pay off?

Who are the other KPPs outside of McCartin and King?


Membrey is a fraud.