Season 2019 - Sydney


Coach – John Longmire

2018 –

Points For – 12th
Points Against –7th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Jake Lloyd
  2. Luke Parker
  3. Lance Franklin
  4. Isaac Heeney
  5. Josh Kennedy

2018 Rising Star Noms

Ben Ronke (Round 8)
Oliver Florent (Round 11)

Ins – Ryan Clarke, Jackson Thurlow, Durack Tucker, Harry Reynolds, Nick Blakey, James Rowbottom, Justin McInerny, Zac Foot

Outs – Jake Brown, Jordan Foote, Dan Hannebery, Alex Johnson, Harry Marsh, Nic Newman, Daniel Robinson, Gary Rohan, Angus Styles, Dean Towers

My Prediction

There is a lot of danger in picking Sydney to drop off the cliff. I know because I have done it more than once and yet somehow they find their way back into the eight. They seem past legitimate challenger status but even then who knows what they’re capable of, I see them as very similar to Geelong. Their best 22 is extremely competitive but there is a significant drop off after that. A few injuries could leave them in serious trouble.

The backs look better than they did at the start of last year. They made Aliir work his way back into the side and whilst he is vulnerable at times in the contest, he reads the ball really well and is comfortable rebounding. Grundy is a little less reliable as age starts to catch up with him but still a good solid full back. They have good users off half back with Lloyd and NcVeigh and average users with Jones. They didn’t have a stellar year last year but I think that was just as much with the midfield failing.

The midfield is getting thin, this is a concern for the Swans and the area I think they are in a bit of trouble this year. They need some serious improvement from a couple of their younger players. Kennedy is a champion but he is beaten up and showed signs last year than he is just about done. They need Parker and Heeney to have massive years through the middle and someone like Florent to step up and provide a bit of run. I don’t think they have enough talent or bat deep enough through here and it is going to hurt them.

The forward line is all about Franklin, last year he struggled and so did Sydney. They too often were unable to put the score on the board. McCartin looks a pretty good talent but realistically is still a year or two away. Ronke and Hayward both had good years last year and averaged over a goal a game which is great for small forwards. They need more goals to come from somewhere this year which is probably the thought behind recruiting Menzel, he could be a handy foil for Franklin but as always, he needs to improve his defensive work, also as always, he won’t. I think it looks ok but I don’t think there is enough improvement to bring the team to where they need it.

Sinclair keeps surprising and is almost at the stage where I need to accept that he is a good ruck. I keep thinking he will get found out and whilst his tap work isn’t fantastic, his work around the ground and goal kicking make him a hard match up. They have Naismith who is pretty handy in the ruck contents and a good size. The coach isn’t under pressure, I think there were whispers a couple of times and I think a really bad year would change things significantly, I am just not sure that they will have a really bad year.

The Swans looks a weaker team that last year, I know Hannebery looked shot but he hasn’t been replaced by anyone better. They look short in the middle and are going to need something special to maintain their spot in the eight. I don’t think they have something special this year, I think they are likely to miss the eight. I think they have been handing on by their fingernails and this is the year they lose grip. I think somewhere from 10th to 12th is likely.


Particularly in the Sydney preview thread! :smiley:


Dont know what you’re talking about

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I reckon they’re OK everywhere except forward line.
Paying so much to Buddy is slowly becoming a poisoned chalice.

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I only came into this thread to find out what @Diggers thinks


Diggers lost his a long time ago.


Whats with this Diggers guy ?

Sure Jack Thompson lived with 2 women. Nice work if you can get it.
But barracking for 2 football teams. That’s immoral.

Agree that this is the key issue for the swans. They need to rejuvenate the midfield.

Mills, Henney, Jones and Florent is a handy group to develop though. If they get that group to reach their potential they will rebound pretty quickly.

2018 Points For 12th. Its not going to improve, Buddy is not going to improve, Buddy does very little to lock the ball in and just tails off after a turnover. Its not going to cut the mustard.

2018 Points Against 7th. Defence has always been part of the Horse team “brand” that could well hold up, but its hard to see McVeigh at 34 yoa ( now plays the BJ role) improving, while Lloyd will try to hold it all together. Not that he was there last year, but Mills will move more into the midfield to boost it, ( Kennedy looking all banged up at 31 yoa and 4 years past his peak ) so the defence is probably going to just keep them in the middle of the table against sides with poor forward lines below them.


Their core group will still get them enough wins, especially at home to just scrape into the 8

Sydney Best 22
B: Smith Grundy McVeigh
HB: Lloyd Aliir Rampe ©
C:: Mills Kennedy© Jones
HF: Papley Mccartin Florent
F: Ronke Franklin Menzel
R: Sinclair Parker© Heeney
Int: Hayward Hewett Cunningham, Melican
Emg: Blakey, Thurlow, Clarke
Depth - Reid, Jack, Naismith

On paper team looks ok

  • Is Kennedy past it, when he was at 80% last year swans struggled
  • Can Parker handle being the best midfielder in the team?
  • Can Mills and Jones make the change to midfielders, and Heeney will need to play more through there as well.
  • will McVeigh, Kennedy and Grundy all fall off the cliff this year?
  • Can Horse organise the best forward Franklin and kick a winning score, Franklin should notch up 300 games this year.
  • Blakey probably a bit light to start and Horse likes to make new recruits wait a bit before giving them a game will horse give him a opportunity or does he need to rack up 50 every week in the NEAFL?
  • Can clarke and Thurlow turn careers around, or will they be just depth.
  • WIll Horse play McCartin, or go back to the well with Reid.
  • Will Horse try and play 2 rucks. Swans are better with Sinclair the main ruck IMO.

Defence is solid, organised unless old blokes fall off a cliff.
Midfield is solid.
Swans just need to be able to score more, fix that and they will probably make finals again.

Prediction 6th - 12th
still there, abouts, a chance for finals, but probably finish just outside.

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Still no idea why they went for Menzel.

Their forward pressure was atrocious. Bottom 5 for tackles inside 50, down with the likes of Freo and Carlton.
Their only real consistent contributors were Ronke, who’s very good, Franklin, who’s good for his age and size, and (when fit) Rohan.

And now they’ve swapped out one of those contributors (Rohan) for a guy who’s poxy at it, in Menzel.

They must know something we don’t about forward pressure or structure.

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If Menzel played a full season he’s good for 40 goals. I just can’t see him playing that much. He had surgery as soon as he got to Sydney and i’m not sure how his recovery is going.

Maybe he would.

Much rather have a 25 or 30- goal player, who puts in their share of long leads and defensive work.
So would Scott, from the looks.

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It’s just a very meh team isn’t it? They’ll win somewhere between 12-14 games. 12 isn’t a guarantee that you make the 8, 14 is usually good enough for 6th-7th. I don’t rate their list that highly compared to other teams in contention for a finals spot. They’d need Mills to slot back in as if he was never gone, Heeney to take the next step and become Fyfe/Bont good (not completely beyond the realms of possibility) and Blakey to hit the ground running if they are to be anything more than a beaten semi finalist at best. 6th-10th.

In the stats thread I think Menzel was top 5 for score involvements per possession.

Getting a player for free that has a high scoreboard impact might be exactly what Sydney needs.

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So would i. I’m guessing the Swans think they have other guys who can apply the pressure. They got Menzel for peanuts so i guess it’s worth a try.

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Score involvements per possession?
Not surprised with that at all.
You can however, view that as a positive or a negative.
He’s a genius that turns everything he touches to gold.
Or he only really sits in the goal square trying to kick goals.

To me, a mid size marking forward should be on their bike a lot. Leading long and hard, both as a transition target and to clear his defender out for the FF. Tackling back. Discipline. That’s what M Brown did for us very well last year. And what we want Stewart to do consistently.

It’s absolutely not what Menzel does.

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I should point out I really rate Scott as a coach. If he reckons he’s squeezed the last bit out of value out of someone, I think it’s probably right.

I’ll be disappointed if we don’t speed past them up the ladder they’re are finished.

Buddy is cooked and Longmire will probably won’t be in the job for much longer.

Sydney like the Hawks will both have a few years at the bottom.

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