Season 2019: The Empire Strikes Back?


When Woosha ironed out Gablett Snr in both Grand Finals…Absolute Gold!


Apparently the 2019 AFL Mens Fixture will be announced in full on Wednesday 31/10/2018
After the dust settles on the AFLW draw, some info will be pre-released on a daily basis so the AFL drip feed footy fans over time.

The main issue for us is Anzac Day 2019. Its Thursday 25th April, but its the breaks that are important. Please lets have a Friday night game the week before, then a Thursday or Friday night game or Saturday game the following week,

In July Travis Auld said:

JLT Community Series Commencing Mid-February and concluding early March
Toyota AFL Premiership Season – Round 1
Thursday 21 March 2019 – Sunday 24 March 2019
Easter - Round 5
Thursday 18 April 2019 – Monday 22 April 2019
ANZAC Day - Round 6
Wednesday 24 April 2019 – Sunday 29 April 2019
Queen’s Birthday (except WA) – approx. Round 12
Monday 10 June 2019
Toyota AFL Premiership Season – Round 23
Friday 23 August 2019 – Sunday 25 August 2019
Toyota AFL Finals Series – Week 1
Thursday 5 September 2019 – Sunday 8 September 2019
Toyota AFL Grand Final
Saturday 28 September 2019

The 2019 Fixture will retain the current structure of a ‘regular round’ of one Friday night match, two Saturday afternoon matches, one Saturday twilight match, two Saturday night matches, one early Sunday match, one Sunday afternoon match and one Sunday twilight match.

The AFL will again schedule a number of irregular rounds principally around key public holidays, bye weekends and/or matches scheduled in specific timeslots such as Thursday nights.


Finally a decent break likely between Anzac Day game meaning Essendon’s game against the Dees doesn’t give them an unfair advantage. About blo.dy time!


This might sound weird but I really want an interstate game round 1. It’s a great time to get one out of the way, with no game beforehand, and with our record interstate this year I’d be more confident than if we were playing at the G!


You do realise the Dees have played the very night before us the last 2 days, so the difference in break has be bugger all?


Hasn’t it already been confirmed we’re playing on good friday next year which is 19th April?
Pretty sure Collingwood are playing easter Thursday so they’ll have an extra day break for ANZAC day but the next game won’t matter because we’ll have at least 8 days break after ANZAC day


Unfair advantage might have been a bit of a stretch but the Dees definitely had an advantage. It was close enough to a full day.
But the thing that really annoyed me about this year, is that after a 4 day break leading into the Dees game, we then also only got a 6 day break leading into the Hawthorn game and the Hawks had 7 days. That was a massive advantage to the Hawks and no surprise they outran us after we led at halftime


I agree wholeheartedly. It does sound weird. :stuck_out_tongue:


I reckon if we’re going to play interstate round 1 i’d rather play a good team such as West Coadt then a crap team like Freo. Especially considering Freo seem better earlier in the season in recent years.


If interstate I would want Adelaide or Port Adelaide in round 1.
would like a early win over there for our SA fans, and we generally go well over there.

My Preference for WA games would be week before the bye, give us extra recovery.


Considering we just had Port in the last round, it would look a bit dodgy. not that l am against the interstate trip for R1, but l reckon the club might want to show Shiel to the hordes of (new) members first up, and l don’t blame them for wanting to.


Ah, that time their talks got smashed the week before and we voluntarily went in smaller.
Good times.


Thing is, the Dees have that extra nights rest and as we know the body does it’s repair / recovery work when it’s sleeping #unfairadvantagebigtime


Essendon media team up and about. Love this as a preview for our 2019 season


It will all depend on a super hard pre-season, players having confidence and belief, practising of systems until they become completely ingrained, and a reasonable run with injuries. We have enough talent on the list, but so do a lot of other clubs; what sets the top ones apart from the others is intensity and determination to win.

I’m reasonably optimistic. We did some very good things this year, enough to show the world and more importantly our own players that we can beat the best on their home ground. What we need this year is to produce that best form week in, week out. That won’t happen without a really tough pre-season from every player. Let’s get Aaron Francis training with David Zaharakis and Jake Stringer with Devon Smith. Then we should really see some knockout performances.


I want to see more 8s. People think we’re going to win the flag or finish top 4, then let’s see what else you reckons going to happen…


I reckon we’ll be up against the 8 ball as long as this arrangement continues to happen


Really like the music.


Yeah I rated it. Bit different but good.


needs a walla popped collar at the end.