Season 2019: The Empire Strikes Back?


My take on the ladder for next year (end of home and away, not finals):

  1. West Coast - settled team. gaff back. Nic Nat back sometime. hard to beat in west
  2. Essendon - barring injuries, will be most exciting team to watch next year. In full flight
  3. Richmond - lose some depth, but get Lynch. Any injuries could be problem. Had dream run last 2 years
  4. Collingwood - good midfield will get you through most games
  5. Melbourne - another good midfield, with good bookends now.
  6. Adelaide - Cut out the crap, power ranger stuff, boot camps, and stick to football, they will be OK
  7. GWS - Little worried. Another bad injury run, and they tumble
  8. North - Not bad, not quite the class of others
  9. Geelong. Long in the tooth. Will win games in Geelong, struggle elsewhere
  10. Port Adelaide - Home games, few match winners, I’d take Robbie G anyday
  11. Hawks - My sliders along with swannies. Sad to see. Hell no. Clarko will berate journalists most of year
  12. Brisbane - Could be higher. Dangerous opposition next year.
  13. Fremantle - They should see a quack. Split personaility. OK one day, toilet stuff the next
  14. Swannies - Tired and slow. Will be evident when Hooker runs away from Buddy and kicks a goal from the boundary at the 50
  15. Saints - Carlisle, I’ll send you a post card at the end of next season saying “told ya…”
  16. Bulldogs - Lost players, Bevo will only be there 1 training session a week. Surfing other sessions.
  17. Gold Coast - Funnily enough, will be better without a few bad eggs
  18. Williamstown - promoted for VFL as finishing as highest non-aligned team in VFL

Carlton I honestly think will finish around mid-table in VFL, with SoS staring bewilderingly at his clipboard saying “$%#^ I reading these drafts upside down…”


Will Nic Nat be back next season? He went down pretty late. Was it the same knee as before?
He took a long time to recover last time


Was going to say exactly that. Huge missed opportunity


GWS in Sydeney. Happy now?


I reckon it’s good to get one out of the way! At least it’s not one of the bullish/t twilight timeslots


It doesn’t bother me about Essendon too much.
It seems a dumb first round for the AFL though.
And call me sentimental, but I don’t think it’s right for the reigning premiers to have to travel as far as they can possibly travel in round one.
Should be home game and they can do the flag thing.
But maybe they asked for it?
Who knows?


I reckon they may have asked for it. That’s the worst trip for WC, it totally makes sense for them to get it out of the way in the first round when they have the longest time to prepare.


No Sydney? Your prediction is crap, ya bum.


Zaka, Orazio and Langford getting high in Boulder.




THE could sell toothpaste with that smile


this can only be good, Langers and Fanta doing the high altitude training with Zaka…lid off!


I’m calling a safety hazard on this altitude training.

I’ve checked that photo three times, and Langers is definitely smiling.

The altitude has given him wind.


Langers wearing his Bomber gear everywhere. I like it!!


That just means he’s too cheap to buy training gear.


Dum dum dum dum-da-dum dum-da-dum


It’s a sign


I’ve seen the MSO do this for the first new trek and back to the future. If you’re into film scores it’s absolutely awesome


Just finished watching the grand finals Fox footy have replayed over the past few weeks. Seeing the reactions & tears of the Bulldogs supporters, who waited 62 years. The tigers fans who had 37 years of torment.

It got me thinking. What would a flag mean to us all? Sure, it’s not the longest premiership drought, but no club has been through what we have. No club has had to endure what we have. I’m not sure how I’d react if we were to win a flag but I reckon I’d shed a tear & consume a lot of beer, for sure.

For now, I’ll settle for that long awaited finals win & who knows, maybe we can be the team to get hot in the finals and bring home the sweetest flag of all. I’m confident we have a premiership list but do we have a premiership mindset? A win at all cost desire? If we do, look out!


Good post.