Season 2019 - Western Bulldogs


That sucks. Great player, appears to be a genuinely good bloke too


How old is he?


I hear he’s 43


Yeah, wow, well this may be it for the guy then. At least he goes straight on to a pension.


Eleventy five!!



I love that scene, RIP Bill.


You guys don’t know Dale Morris.

They’ll put a rubber band in his knee, and tell him to stand in the hole in front of Tom Lynch. And he’ll do it.

He’ll play until he’s 63.


Hands up anyone who realised he had gone on this year?


I legit thought he retired at the end of last season


Well, I live with a Bulldog supporter, so yeah.


So do I, 10 yr social club member.


You stay away from my wife!


You should stop rooting my father in law.


If Deck’s wife is your father in law I’d have to assume your mother in law is a lesbian


Oh diddums! Cry your tears of gravy!


Liam Picken announced his retirement today.


The only option. I hope he fully recovers from his symptoms


Interesting to hear that Dale Morris is skipping surgery for his ACL with the aim of a mid year return.


Twice it seems he has got lucky of sorts with not have a complete rupture, only partial and thus it can heal itself.