Season 2020 - Collingwood


Coach – Nathan Buckley

2019 –

Points For – 7th
Points Against – 2nd

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Brodie Grundy
  2. Scott Pendlebury
  3. Jack Crisp
  4. Adam Treloar
  5. Brayden Maynard

2019 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Jay Rantall, Trent Bianco, Trey Ruscoe, Darcy Cameron

Outs – James Aish, Ben Crocker, Lynden Dunn, Tyson Goldsack, Sam Murray, Daniel Wells

My Prediction

A year when it kept looking like they had another level to get to but then they just couldn’t find that level. They couldn’t reach the level they had the previous year and losing Beams to his issues and Stephenson to his stupidity certainly didn’t help.

The backline last year performed really well with Roughead a great pickup for not much, he teamed with Moore and Howe to form a pretty good wall. Dunn looks like coming back in for depth as well. They have good run through Maynard, Langdon and Crisp. They can look a little one paced out of defense but it is working.

The midfield was lauded before last season as perhaps the greatest midfield to ever play the game by certain media people trying to sell newspapers. It is a good midfield but not even the best in the competition at the moment. They would love to get Beams back but I don’t know if that will happen. Pendlebury is coming off another great season and Sidebottom seems to be finding the same level of consistency. The only Collingwood supporter in my social circle tells me that Adams is their most important mid and does the hard stuff. They bat deep through their midfield and it is one of the best in the competition being fed by a ruck who joins in as a midfielder once the ball is on the ground.

The forward line has to be a worry for Pies fans hoping to pinch a premiership. Mason Cox is unreliable and realistically only serves to make a contest. They need De Goey to find consistency and to step up. Mihocek had a very good season and stepped up when needed. They will be happy to have Stephenson back although he needs more tricks in his bag.

The ruck depth is almost non-existent. They need Grundy to stay fit. Losing him would destroy their season. They only really have Roughead and Cox as depth and need both of those players to play in position. Grundy is probably the most damaging ruck in the competition for his ability to play ruck and midfield. The coach has made a grand final and seems to have the team ticking along. I feel this season they need to make some adjustments to their game plan to remain competitive and it will be interesting to see how he adapts.

I think Collingwood are a very interesting team to look at. They almost won a premiership in 2018 but last year didn’t often look a genuine threat before finishing in the top four. Looking over their list and it is clearly a list built around a very good midfield but I don’t think they have a good enough forward line to challenge. I think they may even slide this year and finish between 4 and 6.


They picked up Darcy Cameron off Sydney in trade period

Chance he actually pushes ahead of Cox for fwd/ruck

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Please let us beat these ■■■■■■■ this year
Sick of losing to them all the time


Fold and die


Thinking of them missing the finals.



Barring injuries I still think they’ll be top 4 but probably not quite good enough to win the whole thing.

Can we please for once not be raped by the umpires against these ■■■■■■?


I didn’t buy them in 2018 and I didn’t buy them in 2019. The fact that we are markedly more competitive against them than other top four sides says something. Agree with the 4-6 position.

Collingwooood best 22

B: Jeremy Howe, Jordan Roughead, Tom Langdon

HB: Brayden Maynard, Darcy Moore, Jack Crisp

C: Tom Phillips, Scott Pendlebury©, Steele Sidebottom

HF: Chris Mayne, Brody Mihocek, Jordan De Goey

F: Jamie Elliott, Mason Cox, Jaidyn Stephenson

FOLL: Brodie Grundy, Adam Treloar, Dayne Beams

I/C: Taylor Adams Josh Thomas, Travis Varcoe, Will Hoskin-Elliott

Emg: Isaac Quaynor, Callum Browne Trent Bianco

Geez Pies Tall forwards look spudly - Mihocek and Cox. Small forwards are pretty handy though.

If I was Buckley would send Darcy Moore forward.

Still with their stacked midfield expect them to be thereabouts again most likely top 6.

Moore is a excellent defender. Wouldn’t be moving him

I reckon mihoceck is pretty handy too.

Top 4 finish.

Top 4…unfortunately

Nah, I reckon they could drop.
That midfield will fall away soon.
Not sure if that is 2020, but it’s coming.
Sidearse had a very clear drop off from his previous year, and Pendles can’t keep up this level for much longer.
Beams may be done (and aging anyway), so he probably won’t help them.
Treloar is a very good mid and they have 1 of the best 2 rucks in the game.
They could sneak into 4th, bit I’m thinking 5th-7th.

treloar - Possibly their best mid.
Pendelbury - still awesome, because he has good spatial awareness, game slows down for him, hasnt been exposed by the opposition yet. Anzac day specialist
Beams - Is a gun when at the top of his game
Adams - Bit of a hack kick but adds grunt
Sidearse - still has a few good years left.

5 experienced and pretty good level mids plus the AA ruck who can play as a mid in Grundy.

Beams may not play much of a role this year, or in future, but it still is a quality midfield group and I cant see Sidebottom or Pendelbury slowing down much 2020, maybe next year.

Grundy - Bellchmabers
Treloar - Shiel
Pendelbury - Heppell
Beams - Smith
Sidebottom - McGrath
Phillips - Parish

I cant see us winning too many of those midfield matchups.

Is they lose Grundy to a big injury they could legit miss the 8. With him fully fit they will make top 4

Except for the ruck, we are closing the gap on them.
Will probably surpass their midfield group in 2021, particularly if Draper can come on, or Phillips can at least compete (I suspect he is better than Carlton think he is).

Gonna be fantastic when Sidebottom is getting caught HTB every 3rd possession :+1:

If Draper brought his VFL form to the AFL, then he is a very exciting prospect. If he can get a fair bit of the ball around the ground plus compete in the ruck, but who knows coming back from a Knee and fitness levels low, not expecting much this year.

I cant see Bellchambers or Phillips doing anything other than trying to break even in the ruck contest.

Our mids are younger which helps. If take out Pendles and Beams then
Treloar - Shiel
Adams - Smith
Sidebottom - Heppell
Phillips - Parish
De Goey - Stringer/Langford
Crisp - McGrath

I think last year was the last chance they had for the short term. Expecting a decline in 2020.

Surely Pendlebury and Sidebottom will drop off a bit more this season. They have been so important to Collingwood for so long. lets see. I just want to beat them on Anzac Day.

Saad should be able to keep Stephenson under control. but they have 2 forwards we struggle to match up on: De Goey. and U.S.A. Just pray.

Is Beams a sure thing to come back this year? He is a quality player but even without him their midfield is one of the best in the comp. Grundy is outstanding, but needs better support. Teams will put more work into Mihocek and Cox, but their small forwards are always dangerous. Top 4 barring injuries.