Season 2020 - Collingwood

Beams is far from a sure thing

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Beams was playing exceptionally well in 2017 and 2018, but with only 9 lacklustre ( by comparison) games last year, massive off field problems, and on the verge of 30, its not going to be easy to recapture that form .

Beams had a poor year by his standards, averaged 25 disposals
since 2012 he has averaged 27-30 disposals.

could argue partly due to collingwoods stacked midfield
Treloar 32
Pendles 27
Sidebottom 25
Crisp 25
Beams 25

Compare to at the Lions previous year averaged 29, but next best was young gun Alex Witherden with 22

Lions replaced Beams 29 with Neale 30 avg disposals but next best still below 25
Neale 30
Lyons 23
Mcluggage 22
Rich 22
Zorko 22
Cutler 21
Robinson 21
Berry 19
Witherden 18

At the Dons we have
Merrett 28
Heppell 26
Shiel 26
McGrath 21
McKenna 20
Parish 20
Zaka 20

Im looking at seeing out put lift from McGrath, McKenna, Parish and Zaharakis in 2020

Rumours currently circulating that Beams will formally announce his retirement this week.

For a top 4 side, they’re unusually reliant on 2 stars.
Take out Pendles and Grundy and they finish about 12th. No sign of either slowing any time soon, sadly.

To take up a new job in professional gambling?

Maybe he told his management that he wants to move back to Brisbane

You’d hope he would focus on something he is good at instead.

Sometimes stats just do not compute: How does the 4th best midfield rank so low in clearances?
Does this tell us something about how Collingwood setup around stoppages? That is, to win the post clearance possessions? ( stat not available)

Work this out. Footy Wire. Collingwood ranked 14th in clearances in 2019.

Champion Data: Collingwood ranked 3rd for best midfield.

Grundy isn’t a good ruckman, like the actual rucking bit?

Fat Ed has put his hand up for another 3 years

Collingwood star Beams in car accident

Jake Niall

By Jake Niall

February 14, 2020 — 9.04am

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Collingwood star Dayne Beams was involved in a car accident on Thursday night in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Beams, 30, was taken to hospital following the accident but did not suffer any serious injuries, sources said.

Collingwood have not yet confirmed details of the accident.

Beams, who turned 30 this week, has been on leave from the Magpies as he deals with the mental illness issues that saw him take a lengthy break from training and playing during 2019.

Not at the TAB, that’s for sure

Didak in the back seat?

Why does that article have to mention mental health?

Because the two are linked here.

Are they though?

Or does it just create rumour and innuendo. For all we know he got rear ended and was not at fault.

Nah, I heard about this late last night from one of the people on the scene.
It’s terribly sad. He is a tormented soul. It’s honestly really, really sad.


Fair enough that sucks.

Pies will rue brining beams back.

Beams, 41 & 44 for 18, 56 & Future first

Will Kelly father son (points used to match bid)

Ely Smith,Noah Answerth, Port 2020 first rounder

2019 first round (pies) traded to Port (mitch Georgiades) for Ports 2020 first rounder…

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