Season 2020 - Collingwood


Always said id act like a right twat when Liverpool win the title and Essendon win a flag. Id legit lose friends if it happens in the same year


Hey nothing to see here. They have included a Fujian born player and another who’s dad was born in Ghana. What an inclusive club.



Not sure if this ones been posted yet but it probably belongs in here


Rod is now hair dresser to the stars in NY, and charges $300 per cut. In a round about way, we are now also related. His younger brother is married to the daughter of my brother-in-law. He and my sister both flew over to NY when Rod got married.

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Theres a whole thread for it! :smiley:

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Oh thanks!

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I played at Vic Park! And Glenferrie too. Blitz matches.

I always kinda forget that these places hosted actual matches once… by the time I came around the ground consolidation had pretty much been complete.

Well said!

I used to play in the Melbourne mid-week footy comp back in the 80s. Lots of cops, firies and even a team from Cerberus. Prahran cops were always hardest at it.



Did they employ private security to manage him? If so he will get out.

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Daicos a reasonably big out for them. He looks a class player, nice skills, clearly the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree there…


Pies accounted for the hawks pretty easy, makes us look a bit better,

The Pies were not that good either, but the Hawks were shocking.


I watched the entire game - that is a perfect summary.

Based on that logic, Fark Carlton look magnificent.


Last night showed how well we did in nullifying Grundy in the middle


Quaynor and Atu both added a lot. Just to prove they’re not racists. :kissing:

Bosavengui is the first CBC St Kilda player since forever. Very few big name players out of St Kilda, compared with the other big Catholic schools like St Bernards and Parade.

Although at one stage, there were 3 club presidents - Eddie McGuire, Greg Westaway and the bloke from Melbourne.

Hey WOB, have you got a spare room for me to live in now?
Its the least you could do, after I took that bit of advice.