Season 2020 - St Kilda

St Kilda

Coach – Brett Ratten

2019 –
Points For – 14th
Points Against – 16th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Seb Ross
  2. Rowan Marshall
  3. Jack Steele
  4. Jack BIllings
  5. Tim membrey

2019 Rising Star Noms

Josh Battle (Rnd 22)

Ins – Ryan Byrnes, Leo Connolly, Jack Bell, Dougal Howard, Paddy Ryder, Brad Hill, Zak Jones, Dan Butler

Outs – Blake Acres, David Armitage, Josh Bruce, Billy Longer, Paddy McCartin, Jack Newnes, Lewis Pierce, Bailey Rice, Sam Rowe, Jack Steven, Brandon White, Robbie Young

My Prediction

St Kilda had an amazing off-season, they added a coach and a whole bunch of players. It felt like their list manager went for everyone in the hope that one or two would choose them and they ended up with everyone. Their recruits will add some experienced to a list that has been trashed and it still looks pretty green.

The backline will welcome Dougal Howard who looks a good prospect and brings height and mobility. Jake Carlisle is capable of very good footy at his best but isn’t real great between the ears and needs his head in the right place. They will be hoping Roberton can get back on the field as he provided important rebound along with Hunter Clark. Webster has also been a key half back with good foot skills and needs a solid run without injury. I am not sure if Zak Jones has been brought in for the half back role but his delivery is very questionable.

The midfield looks short on still. They needed to add leg speed and spread so went and paid a king’s ransom for Brad Hill who brings both of those things, he is a very good player and will improve them. They are a working class midfield with Steele, Hannebury (maybe) and Ross. Billings brings some class but there are still question marks over consistency. They still lack depth through the middle and I think it is going to cause them problems this year.

The forward line has been set for Max King this year, they have cleared out Bruce and will watch and see if King and Membrey can trouble the opposition. It is going to be tough for them with a midfield who doesn’t deliver the ball particularly well. Butler has been brought in for forward half pressure and to kick goals alongside Lonie and Gresham. I think it still looks like they lack class up forward as well.

They have found themselves a long term ruck in Marshall who looks like an absolute gun in the making. He has length, good skills, is mobile and looks hungry for the contest. They also have Paddy Ryder who probably still has good skills but would take a remarkable turnaround for him to bring any significant value. Ratten can coach. He took a rubbish Carlton list and made them look ok, he has since then spent time developing his skills. St Kilda will need to be patient though because they have given him a terrible list to work with.

St Kilda have pretty glaring deficiencies over all areas of the field and a lack of talent in each area. Good coaching will only carry them so far and I don’t see the recruits they brought in last year being able to change the direction of the club in any serious way. I have a suspicion they may actually slide a little this season. I think somewhere between 14 and 16 looks the mark for mine.


St Kilda Best 22

B: Clark Carlisle Geary ©
Hb:Roberton Howard Jones
C: Hill Ross Hanneberry
Hf: Gresham Membrey Billings
F: Butler King Parker
R: Marshall Steele Billings
Int: Ryder Dunstan Savage Battle
Emg: Wilkie Sinclair Long

Dont watch saints much, so dont know much about sinclair or wilkie, but they played every game last year so must be close to best 22.

A lot of change in the backline will be lacking chemistry
Geary fit, Roberton heart problem fixed additions of Dougal Howard and Zac Jones.
Carlilse…this place is farked, would hope his back isnt farked and he can play more than 10 games in 2020 or he may be cooked.

Mids, really only adding Hill, but would hope to get more than 5 games out of Hanneberry next year. At best could say workmanlike midfield, Hill will add class.

Forwards - Membrey kick a few goals, Butler and Parker are pests.
Billings and Gresham have talent and can push into the midifeld but are both midgets.
King could be valuable if could have as good a season as his brother did last year for the suns.

I’m a bit thick: how have they dropped their number of players by four?

Ryan Abbott (ruck) added as well.

maybe they have left some rookie spots open to help pay the salaries of all the new recruits.

Rowe was also a late addition to their list so not sure where he stands in a list numbers context.

I think their best recruit is Ratten. I think the guy can coach - and I mean seriously coach. They’ll get a lot better under him. I think they’ll improve this year and just miss the 8 (a sneaky chance to make it) - with further improvement to come to come the year following.


I think they are a legit chance for the 8. Hill is a huge addition and Ryder, Jones and howard will all be solid inclusions. They will be a lot more competitive this season



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That place in his body is ■■■■■■

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St Kilda has won 27 spoons from 123 starts. That’s one spoon every 4.5 years.

They last won a spoon in 2014. They’re overdue.


I think they’ll improve too

I could see them making the 8

After seeing the way Hannebery carried on last night, looks like he’s put more effort into his partying than his footy at the Saints.

what happened?

What a shame.

Maybe it’s no match payments for you Paddy!

He’ll still play, but potentially with a higher % of game time as a forward. He’s still a walk up start to their best 22.


He’s never been a good forward. He’d be ■■■■ now

Yikes…what has happened to his head. …?

He’ll still pinch ruck, and his main role will be to take some pressure off Max King. He’ll be more than adequate for that.

Somebody knocked out his teeth and replaced them with Lego.


How bad is St Kildas money situation?
Effectively insolvent?
Overspent on the Moorabbin redevelopment?
COVID effects starting to hit

Will Lindsay Fox, Warnie, Eric Bana and Molly bail them out ?
Will the AFL make them merge or move?