Season 2020 - Sydney


Coach – John Longmire

2019 –

Points For – 12th
Points Against –10th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Dean Rampe
  2. George Hewett
  3. Luke Parker
  4. Isaac Heeney
  5. Callum Milles

2019 Rising Star Noms

Nick Blakey (Round 14)

Ins – Dylan Stephens, Will Gould, Elijah Taylor, Chad Warner, Brady Rowles, Lewis Taylor, Kaiden Brand, Sam Gray

Outs – Darcy Cameron, Heath Grundy, Cody Hirst, Kieren Jack, Zak Jones, Daniel Menzel, Jarrad McVeigh, Toby Pink, James Rose, Nick Smith, Durak Tucker

My Prediction

I don’t think many were surprised by the Sydney Swans last year. They fell off the cliff early and then started blooding young players. They look to have found a couple and their system means that they have the ability to stay competitive.

The backline will feel the loss of Grundy who has served them very well, with McCartin coming through and Aliir finding his way back into Longmire’s good graces alongside Rampe, they still have a good set of talls. Zak Jones looked like he was going to develop into a very good player but had stagnated before being offloaded and they will rely on run from Mills and Dawson.

The midfield is working class like it generally has been in recent history. Kennedy, Parker and Hewett supported by Heeney and Florent will give them run and grunt. The depth of their midfield is a concern for them moving forward and whilst I think they will be ok at home, their lack of spread will make it harder for them to compete on bigger grounds.

The talls up forward are interesting. Franklin is almost shot, Reid is a week to week proposition, but then comes Blakey who is an absolute gun in the making. He will be an incredibly hard match up for most teams. They have brought in Taylor who support Howard and Papley which will give them plenty of speed and forward pressure. On the rare occasion that Reid, Franklin and Blakey are all up and running together, they will be a hard forward line to stop.

The rucks are a worry, Callum Sinclair is a mobile ruck but relies on the midfielders around him to make his ruck work look ok. Naismith coming through may take the role off him this year. That being said, Sinclair will rip the bombers apart at some stage this year. Longmire is the most consistent coach and people know what to expect from him. I thought the time was right for him to leave last year with his reputation intact, the change would have done both him and the Swans the world of good.

I think the Swans finished around the mark last year for where their list is at. I don’t feel like they have improved their list last year and have lost a bit of experience from it. They have a list that is built for its home ground but I think not as well suited outside of the SCG. I think they are likely to finish well out of the eight again. I think in the 14-16 range for mine but could surprise.


Sydney do have a good record of bringing kids in who are up to speed quickly. They are always good at the SCG and this will put them mid table. Great analysis. Well done.

I used to like watching Sydney, you could safely barrack for them in a neutral game.

But now I know this really annoying bloke that just keeps banging on about Sydney and Franklin. Drives my insane and thus I hate Sydney now.

I hope they are bottom 4 again.


Not sure whether I overrate them or they genuinely don’t perform anywhere near their potential.


C-O-O-K-E-D. Bottom 3.


Best 22
B: O"Riordin Rampe McCartin
Hb: Lloyd Aliir Dawson
C: Florent Mills Stephens
HF: Blakey Reid Hayward
F: Papley Buddy Taylor
R: Sinclair Parker Heeney
Int: Kennedy, Cunningham Hewett Rowbottom
Emg: Melican Clarke, Naismith

Would love them to be bottom 4 again the hate is strong.

Additions help them Stephens adds pace and better disposal from the wing, Taylor adds X factor up forward.

Have moved Kennedy to the bench as they need to stop relying on him…and hoping to see Callum Mills and Heeney both spend more time on the ball really think that would improve the swans greatly.

I expect to see a more competitive swans outfit this year, if not swans fans will be calling for Horses head.

1 - They will finish bottom 4 and be rubbish
2 - They will beat us in some tragic / cheating scenario
3 - Fark Diggers


Hard to argue with any of these points


I think they’ll bounce back somewhat.

Last year they made a decision early that their season was shot. They didn’t really uncover anyone who looks like a superstar, but a lot of guys who’ll be useful, maybe a bit better than that.

Starts again this year. Would be surprised if they went all that high, but I think they’ll compete for the 8, at least.

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only in sydney

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This is what dinosaurs were, except scaled up a magnitude or two. Scary buggers.




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Who cares?

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Naismith is the most critical inclusion but they’ve been quiet on how he is tracking which doesn’t bode well. Midfield spread or difficulty in doing so on larger grounds is a continuing problem which hasn’t appeared to have been addressed. Backline is pretty good and will need to be as forward 50 rebounds will be coming in high volumes. They’ll have some moments.

Diggers writes 4 lines about Sydney and doesn’t mention Buddy. Well, I’ll be…

You will have to start barracking for Essendon then Diggers, or do you go onto other clubs web sites and do the same to them?

11th - 15th

Just don’t have the list at the moment and some of the older top talent is dropping off dramatically. The younger guys need another couple of years to make up the gap.

L FFFRANKLIN! goes without saying…


Will you fark off from this site once Franklin retires?

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