Season 2021 - Adelaide

They won’t get stuff all for him, the Saints had interest last year but by the sound of it now he just wants to get back to Victoria. He is uncontracted and can just walk. Norf would be licking their lips

It’s going to be fascinating in a few years time to see how the change in direction/policy by selecting Thilthorpe and Pedlar looks relative to picking best available regardless of state. Not that Thilthorpe would have been miles off pick 2.

And done

I believe McAsey was a keen Bomber fan (or was that one of the other top picks from last year?). Not sure we need to be concentrating on tall defenders though.

Nah Dogs fan. His parents are Dogs fans and his old man has worked for the club.

Darren Burgess (fitness and conditioning at the Dees) is heading back to SA to join Adelaide next season.

Good get for the Crows.

Thinking about it again, I think it was Josh Worrall.

I think he went to Adelaide, didn’t he?

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Yes, he did

Is he going to get them as fit as the all conquering 2019-2020 Dees?

Sloane out for 2-4 weeks with a detached retina. Also, according to the communication specialist, they have an intraclub in Melbourne: “Adelaide is looking for its third win of the season when it takes on Adelaide at Marvel Stadium on Sunday.”

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So the Crows are playing with themselves. Last season they would have found a way to lose.

Didn’t Hirdy have that in early 2000s?

@Aceman & @THE_DON1 - What’s happening with Darcy fogarty? Is he just trash or would he be someone worth looking at come the end of the season?

His development has been hampered a bit because Tex is playing well and holding down that spot. They are trying to turn him into more of a mid but the problem is he doesn’t have a clue how to find the ball and doesn’t have a tank.
The bloke is a deadset old school stay at home forward that can lead and mark with a great set shot. I’d play him out of the goal square but the Crows are ruining him IMO


Cheers mate. Could he be a Hooker replacement?

He is a similar player to Stringer for me, makes things happen up forward and did some nice things in the midfield in his bottom age draft year but doesn’t seem to have shown those traits at the next level. Good agility and skills for a big bloke I wouldn’t say no to him for the right price.


Fogarty is barely AFL standard and not a patch on Stringer - Ultimately he doesn’t find the ball, although he’s a beautiful kick.


Fisher McAsey has re-signed until 2023. Good to see tbh.

As a principle I’m not a fan of players leaving straight after their 2 year contract expires post draft.

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On Fogarty’s career to date, nothing Yaco said there is unreasonable.

He just doesn’t find the footy. He has barely ever reached double digit disposals (averages 8 a game) at less than a goal a game.

He looks like the kind of guy who would go back to suburban or country footy and play 0-30m and absolutely farking dominate and kick 150 goals for the year but at AFL level he really needs to show a capacity to apply more second efforts and get to more contests. Lovely kick for goal though and a decent mark.