Season 2021 - Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Coach – Stuart Dew

2020 –
Points For – 12th
Points Against – 15th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Sam Collins
  2. Touk Miller
  3. Jarrod Witts
  4. Hugh Greenwood
  5. Brandon Ellis

2020 Rising Star Noms

Matt Rowell (Rnd 2)
Connor Budarick (Rnd 3)
Izak Rankine (Rnd 6)
Noah Anderson (Rnd 7)

Ins – Elijah Hollands, Aiden Fyfe, Rhys Nicholls, Rory Atkins, Oleg Markov, Jacob Townsend

Outs – Jacob Dawson, Corey Ellis, Sam Fletcher, Pearce Hanley, Jacob Heron, George Horlin-Smith, Jesse Joyce, Anthony Miles, Mitch Riordan, Josh Schoenfeld, Peter Wright

My Prediction

Last season was an important one for the Gold Coast as they finally looked like they had the bones of a good team without being reliant on individuals. They had their task made much easier with the help of the AFL gifting them another raft full of young talent. I have a scary feeling they got it right this time.

I think Markov is a shrewd moneyball style pick up for their backline and will give them someone with some strength back there and give Collins some support. Collins himself has been a great pick up and a real consistent performer. Budarick looks like a player and Lukosius represents a class user and threat off half back. I think they need more from their backline this year but the bones of a good backline are there.

The midfield is developing nicely. Rowell before his shoulder looked frighteningly good. They would want to sign him to a ten year contract as soon as he’s ready. Anderson is a class act as well and I would love to see Rankine through the wing at different stages. Miller went to new levels last year and Ellis looks another good solid pick up. The pressure being relieved from Swallow shows as well and he looks like the player it was suspected he would be.

The forward line has some amazing talent as well. Ben King is going to rip some games apart this year. Greenwood was an astute pick up and took his game to levels I didn’t see at Adelaide. Ainsworth is a quality small forward and who knows what Rankine will be capable off after some of the things he did last year.

Jury still out on Dew, he has the talent now and he will need to improve on this year. I don’t rate him from a tactical point of view at this stage but maybe we will see more from him as the team gets more experiences. The rucks for the Suns are thin on the ground. They have Witts who has shown himself to be one of the top ruckman in the competition but if he goes down, they are straight into the rookie list and probably Zac Smith who had one good season a long time ago.

I like the way their list is coming together. Surprised they didn’t have another quality dip in the draft this year. They obviously have a bit of faith that their list is good enough to get to the next level. I am not sure they bat deep enough yet. That being said, they should improve this year, not enough to make the eight but enough to look like they could. I think they will finish between 10 and 14.


Who on earth is sam collins?

full back they recruited from collingwood vfl. big unit

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I reckon they are just about top 8. king is a beast


might as well just pencil Rowell in for the brownlow now

The one that had the altercation with Lynch.

Was at either Hawks or Freo before that

This piece of sh-t couldn’t even beat us playing at home while we were on our fkn knees.

Sh-t club going nowhere.



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Oh wait.


He’s a very good player imo. Would be our best tall defender easily if he played for us


He is indeed.

gold coast best 22

starting to remind me of GWS teams early days with all their young talent, but there still are a few average players there too.

midfield and forward line look good in the future.

B: Budarick, Collins, Lukosius
HB: Markov , Ballard, Harbrow
C: Ellis, Greenwood, Weller
HF: Ainsworth, Day, Hollands
F: Rankine, King, Sexton
Foll: Witts, Rowell, Anderson
I/C: Fiorini, Miller, Flanders, Swallow
new kid in draft is possibly outside 22 as coming back from knee. they won’t be rushing him, but i will slot him in he will play a few games probably not as much as Bowes or Atkins.

will be interesting if Davies or Joel Jefferies get a early game or two.

if your a suns fan you probably want to show some improvement, but also get some more low picks or good academy players in next year.

I think they’ll push for the top 8. Positions 7-12 are going to be awfully tight.

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we need to get Rowell back to Victoria


I assumed that much sunscreen was done for comedic effect, until I zoomed in on his nose.

Nup. That’s actually how much he needs.

The last time Gold Coast saw a face like that the players had just returned from a Karmichael Hunt organized golf day.


This guy has got balls … and stamps, rocks, feathers, bottle caps.

Interesting cat. Welcome at EFC any time.

Well that’s interesting.

  • not at all interesting

He is literally the Steve Smith of the AFL.

Vision of him standing in his room one night before a match taking shadow speckies and kicking shadow goals is going to leak at some point.

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