Season 2021 - Sydney

… and still won’t play another game.

Up yours, Grandma.

If that is the best you can do… and it sounds like it is…

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…for the time being. And at the appropriate time, sometime around round 4ish, I’ll be here to serve you a big bowl of well deserved sh+t.

Nom Nom, Esme.

You could set your sights a bit higher than a Grandma, Diggers.

You’d think so.

Any danger of him getting on park @Diggers ?

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Worth every cent.

Elijah Taylor banned from AFL for 2021. Nice stance. Would be more impressive if they v were consistent and it wasn’t a fringe player. I’ll just go back and listen to Carey commentating tonight’s game

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You’re right but I reckon if W Carey were to glass his partner today, he wouldn’t be working tonight. Doesn’t excuse Carey for his actions of course but his timing in regards to this sort of behaviour is much better than E Taylor’s.

Interesting footnote. A relative worked for a former Hawthorn premiership player over here and was involved in the organisation of a few charity games of AFL that were held not long after he went loco. Carey was the main retired invitee and she was astonished at how popular he was, particularly with women. This is even after the nitty-gritty of what happened over in the states and his pepper-spraying by police in an elevator back in Melbourne. You’d think someone who behaved that outrageously would be shunned by all but no. She was not surprised at all to see Carey back in a prominent position in the media given that how he was looked after over here by some very prominent business and senior media identities.

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Buddy to play half a game of ressies footy this weekend, can’t be too far away.


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You’re not too far way from your next injury if you keep this up…

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Oh boy…

Buddy is back this week.

With Franklin, Reid and Logan McDonald all playing, could they start to finally rotate Isaac Heeney through the midfield now?

I see Callum Mills has made the transition to midfielder and had an impressive game on the weekend.

Obviously Heeney is an asset up forward but it would be good to see him roll through the centre a bit more.

Joyous occasion for you Diggers

Will be good to see him back on park, good for the game.


You bet, Speedy.

What do you know? L FFFFFFRANKLIN is fit to play this week. How would you like your big bowl of cac, Esme? In one go or drawn out over several bite sized portions?

l can see your reading comprehension skills haven’t improved over the off season. You were talking about the 2 year extension, and so was l. For the record l hope he plays this week, and l look forward to watching him in action, IF he makes it that far. Fingers and eyes crossed.