Season 2021 - Sydney

ive got no issues with him playing because I know nothing about head knocks/injuries and I’d like to think the advice that he’s been given comes from someone who does have a idea


You haven’t been following this closely by the sounds of things.

No one has an idea. That’s the problem.

Can’t argue with that.

McCartin’s return must have been ticked off by the medicos, otherwise he would not receive clearance from the AFL.

This guy would concuss himself lying down.

We already know that.


Here we are in March 2021, The situation with Buddys calf/string/whatever is just a joke .
Last game 24/8/2019. That’s about 560 days or 18 months since his last game.

Being paid about $1.5M for no return and just suffers injury after injury after injury.


As was predicted by many, years ago.

Why do you care?

I doubt swans are too concerned if he plays or not now, since they are not challenging. If he misses then they going to blood kids and get better draft picks in 2021.

Paying a hefty slice of the salary cap for a player who can’t get on the field is a handicap that effectively covers the outlay of the COLA.

Karma can be a ■■■■■.

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yeh but once buddy is off the books i can see a young swans side, pickup another high profile player


I’m hanging to see the big bud out there one last time.

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Anyone remember Plugga’s effort coming back out of retirement?
Man that was a good time.

At age 36 - 3 games 3 goals.

Sad thing is, outside of Joe, that would be considered a reasonable return per game by an Essendon forward in recent times.

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Ahh yes, the exercise bike era.

One last time? He’ll get a two year extension after this current term ends.

Didn’t realise he was in jail.
NSW’s parole board must be cracking down hard.
Still, multiple offender I suppose.