Season 2022 - Collingwood


Coach – Craig McRae

2021 –

Points For – 16th
Points Against – 11th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Jack Crisp
  2. Brayden Maynard
  3. Scott Pendlebury
  4. Jordan DeGoey
  5. Steele Sidebottom

2021 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Nick Daicos, Arlo Draper, Cooper Murley, Harvey Harrison, Charlie Dean, Nathan Krueger, Patrick Lipinski

Outs – Levi Greenwood, Max Lynch, Chris Mayne, Jay Rantell,m Brayden Sier, Josh Thomas, Anton Tohill

My Prediction

McRae has a pretty good year ahead of him from a senior coaching perspective. He cant possibly go worse than last year and the expectations are still low for this bottom feeding club. The challenge is a rotten culture and trying to change generations of crap. Degoey is a firm reminder than this club still lives in the gutter.

The backline slipped backwards last year but has some pretty good pieces, Roughead, Moore and Howe when all fit make for a decent back three. Crisp and Maynard both in the top five of their best and fairest is more of a problem than it seems, they need better users distributing the ball and giving them some run.

The midfield is in a transitional phase but their good games last year were still heavily supported by Pendlebury and Sidebottom, both of whom are well and truly on the slide. Both Daicos boys will spend a significant amount of time on the ball and are the future of the club, Adam and Lipinski will round out what is a bog average midfield next year but gives them something to build on in coming years.

I called the North forward line the worst in the competition which was crazy being I had this one up next. Mihocek and Cameron are their twin talls. Cox lurks in the background. Elliott when fit is still probably their best forward unless Degropey rejoins the team and he will be both their best forward and the reminder of just what a shitstorm this club is.

The rucks are reliant on Grundy who looked decidedly average last year after a stellar year before that allowed him to take a salary cap busting deal that destroyed their club and the team. They lack depth after him, probably cos they cant afford to buy anyone. The coach feels like the right choice, he seemed unCollingwoodlike when they anointed him which was very disappointing, lets see how he manages and how quickly the ferals turn.

I dont like their list but they are better than a 17th place finish. They will move up the ladder just due to the fact that they should never have finished that low. They have started to invest in a rebuild but are still very reliant on their experienced players for their wins. I think next year they are in the 14-16 range.


It’s going to be sweet pumping these guys the next 3 ANZAC Days.

Relax Heffsgirl, it’s gonna happen :white_check_mark:


No scandals yet this year.


The fact deroofie hasn’t been sacked?

Can we ban Nino from high jacking this thread

Best 22

B: Jeremy Howe, Jordan Roughead, Brayden Maynard

HB: Jack Crisp, Darcy Moore, Isaac Quaynor

C: Josh Daicos, Taylor Adams, Patrick Lipinski

HF: Oliver Henry, Brody Mihocek, Jordan De Goey

F: Jamie Elliott, Darcy Cameron, Will Hoskin-Elliott

FOLL: Brodie Grundy, Scott Pendlebury, Steele Sidebottom

I/C: Nick Daicos , Beau McCreery, Trey it’s Ruscoe, Finlay Macrae

EMG: Trent Bianco , Jack Ginnivan, Nathan Murphy, Tyler Brown, Caleb Poulter, Reef McInnes, Mason Cox

looks ok on paper.
Nick Daicos is a definite Fantasy footy pick IMO.

with that defence and ok midfield they should avoid the bottom 4 IMO.

Media will be watching DeGoeys performance every week. will be best for him and pies to go seperate ways at the end of his contract.:

There ain’t enough spin in the world to distract from the mess created by grundies contract.


Buckley is on “I’m a celebrity” - for sure he’ll say something controversial about the Pies you’d think.

“I wish I stayed at Brisbane”


I’m not sure you understand commercial TV.

For ten weeks they will have a relentless ad campaign about Buckley dropping some truth bombs about Collingwood that will rock the AFL world to its core, then in the final episode bucks will reveal that Degoey shat in the dunnies and forgot to flush one day.


His contract may stand between the pies and a king. I’m delighted


He can never admit to saying this, because he would be admitting that this move to Pieland was the greatest stuff up, of all time. He missed his chance to be part of the 3peat, and with him playing alongside Voss, the Lions might well have snaffled 4 in a row.

Geeez that would have been an impressive cap stretch.

It already was

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I think there midfield is bottom 4.


Even with the extra salary cap space Brisbane had the cap would’ve burst. In hindsight him leaving was a blessing. We lost Salmon and Wanganeen one after the other in the mid 90s and still had cap issues.

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The big court case on Tuesday. More interesting than Novak.

To be perfectly fair to him, he left Port Adelaide, signed a contract with North (subsequently ripped up), got drafted to Brisbane then moved to Collingwood to, ahem, “win flags”.

It’s impressive.

you think, doubt it will get much coverage.

BREAKING: Major twist in De Goey ‘assault’ case as judge fires warning shot

January 19th, 2022 9:22 am

Collingwood star Jordan De Goey stands a chance of being offered a plea deal for a downgraded assault charge, meaning he would avoid jail time in relation to an incident that occurred at a bar in New York last year.

De Goey appeared in New York court from Melbourne via a videolink on Wednesday morning, as he faces assault and harassment charges.

He was arrested and charged after allegedly becoming involved in a scuffle in a bar on top of the Dream Hotel in Manhattan and spent the night in jail after the altercation.

De Goey, who previously pleaded not guilty, confirmed he understood Judge Anna Swern’s instructions as both parties discussed the potential of a plea deal.

Prosecutor Brendan Mahon said they had obtained “video surveillance footage” of the alleged incident, but that “the people are likely” to extend a conditional offer of a plea deal for a harassment in the second degree charge.

Jacob Kaplan, De Goey’s lawyer, told the court that the prosecution indicated a plea deal would be offered in regards to the harrassment violation, but changed it to a misdemeanour only a few minutes earlier.

Mr Kaplan said that the defence needed time to find an appropriate counselling program in Australia for De Goey to participate in, as part of the agreement.

Judge Swern said there would be “no firm commitment to a violation” at this moment in time, but emphasised that the prosection looked “likely to (make) that offer”.

“The next step is you getting the programming and sending it to the DA (District Attorney) to get the opportunity to review that informaiton… and if the DA accepts it… (De Goey) will then be sentenced for conditional discharge,” Judge Swern told Kaplan.

The judge also warned De Goey that any potential plea deal was dependent on him finding a suitable program to complete.

De Goey’s case has now been adjourned to January 28.