Season 2022 - Fremantle


Coach – Justin Longmuir

2021 –

Points For – 15th
Points Against – 11th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Sean Darcy
  2. David Mundy
  3. Andrew Brayshaw
  4. Caleb Serong
  5. Adam Cerra

2021 Rising Star Noms

Hayden Young (Round 20)

Ins – Will Brodie, Jordan Clark, Jye Amiss, Neil Erasmus, Matthew Johnson, Roy Benning, Karl Worner
Outs – Brett Bewley, Adam Cerra, Reece Conca, Taylin Duman, Stefan Giro, Stephen Hill, Leno Thomas,Tobe Watson

My Prediction

Fremantle are still battling for relevancy in a competition they have been a part of for almost 30 years, outside of novelty value in the 90s with Clive Waterhouse, Scott Chisolm and Tony Modra in the wrong jumper, then being so bad at trading that they set Essendon up for a premiership followed much later by a brief period of competitiveness under RTB, they have brought little to the competition. We are promised constantly that this is about to change but it feels like they are eternally broken.

The backline seems to have some good pieces, Pearce has been consistent, Logue was a handy junior but hasn’t delivered at this level yet. Cox looks a solid performer and then they now have two pretty good kicks off half back with Clark and Ryan. Once they find their chemistry, there is no reason to believe this cant be a moderately above average defensive unit.

The midfield is ok. Peak Fyfe is amazing but his shoulders are beyond broken now to the point he may just stay up forward and kick his bag of behinds each week. Serong and Brayshaw are guns and the sort of players you build a very good midfield around. They picked up a couple more in the draft and are a year or two away from being pretty handy.

The Fremantle forward line has been a disaster forever. Taberner looks to have found his way and Lobb may be a good player, he has the talent and the paycheck of a very good player, just needs the performance now. Michael Walters went missing a bit last year but him finding touch and form again would make a massive difference. I dont know where he will line up but Mundy probably plays forward and I love him as much as you can love any player that looks like an accountant that plays superrules on weekends to keep fit.

The rucks will be Darcy and Lobb. Darcy started his career amazingly before being cut down by injuries and a reliance on Sandilands. He is a gun now and if he stays fit, will get better. Longmuir is spoken about in hushed tones and potentially a great coach. He has done nothing at this stage to prove himself and I think without improvement this year, the hushed tones will start to turn into whispers.

Fremantle dont have the list of a contender or even a finalist. I know they are in a rebuild but they have been in the same rebuild for years now and it feels like they’ve build sweet fark all. I cant see a big improvement this year and they may even drop slightly. Feels like a 11-13 sort of list.


Can’t wait to see Draper vs Darcy, a clash of titans


Best 22

B: Joel Hamling, Griffin Logue, Luke Ryan

HB: Hayden Young, Alex Pearce, Jordan Clark

C: Darcy Tucker, David Mundy, James Aish

HF: Sam Switkowski, Matt Taberner, Nat Fyfe

F: Lachie Schultz, Rory Lobb, Michael Walters

FOLL: Sean Darcy, Caleb Serong, Andrew Brayshaw

I/C: Nathan Wilson, Brennan Cox, Liam Henry, Will Brodie

Emg: Neil Erasmus, Nathan O’Driscoll, Connor Blakey, Sam Sturt

not sure if Brodie makes the 22. If I was coach would give O’Driscoll or Erasmus a crack, but he is a senior body and may show the suns stuffed his development. Wonder how long Amiss takes to get his chance too, as young KPP expect he will have to build his strength and work his way in later in the year for a few games.

Freo losing a top mid will hurt. I see them similar to last year close to the top 8 but not really fighting for a spot 11th-14th

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odd take on Alex Pearce. the only thing he’s been consistent with is injury

I reckon they will go okay. have some very good kids. 7-10 for mine

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Worried they are coming good in a real way


They’ll challenge for the 8, their kids a genuine players.

Serong will go another gear serious talent

I still don’t see where this belief in getting out of the Bottom 8 comes from.
OK, they’ve got some good young players, but their best player last year will be 37 next season, and they’ve lost one of their key mids.
I reckon their results last year flattered them too - a Rd 2 win against a slow starting GWS, scraping in by 2 points at home against Sydney, & a late win against a crumbling Richmond, again at home, need to be put into context.
Not seen as a side unlucky to miss the eight.
For example the Swans pantsed them by 40 points in the return match, and all their losses were invariably comprehensive.
If they’d lost a bunch of games by less than 12 points you could see that changing. But they didn’t.

Part of which you might say is down to youth. I’d say Longmire’s game plan is a classic front runners one - good against bottom sides, but comes seriously unstuck against better, or switched on opponents.

Add to that the likely loss of their home ground advantage and it’ll be yet another Freo development year.


I’m actually pretty impressed with Longmuir so far, it’s been a consistent slow build up and they do seem to play for him.

Darcy is the only ruck I can see that will compete with Draper over the next 5-7 years. Those two will own the comp.

Fyfe just has to move to a less physical position now, his shoulders are cooked. And with the loss of Cerra it really puts their midfield build back a year or two.

Another middling year from Feo I think.

They will struggle, especially if they have to move many of their games out of WA, due to the pandemic, bottom four.

Will Brodie was a player of discussion on Blitz last trade period - he is looking like a lock for round 1 at present. 30 touches and 2 goals in match sim today.
Worth reminding that the trade for Brodie was a future 2nd for Brodie and pick 19 with some late round pick swaps.

Say what you may about Brodie, but it still blows my mind how we weren’t all over this exact trade with our public desire to gain an additional pick in the 2nd round.


yeah, it didn’t make sense to me that we weren’t even in the discussion. perhaps we just didn’t rate him at all. but for that price, geez

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its because brodie is unmitigated garbage.

would have been a good get during the saga period 2012-15 or so when footy was all about being beastly at the contest.

How do you know we weren’t and/or how do you know we were even allowed into the discussion?


I think they’re an ok team with an ok coach and and will finish in an ok spot. but Tabener will come out of the woodwork against us and kick 6.

I don’t. There was no noise during trade period where almost everything is speculated on that we were in the discussion, which is what i’m basing that on. As an avenue to acquiring pick #19 this was a no brainer trade and a good job by freo.

…I just remembered there was that poster on here that suggested we met with WB in the '20 off-season and offered him midfield minutes, but he had tickets on himself to get it done at GC. Maybe it was a case of burnt bridges.

Those in the know seemed to be saying Brodie wasn’t interested. He turned us down in 2020 when we made an offer, and in 2021 he was only interested in Freo. Which given where our midfield is in 2021 was totally understandable. Why would he be interested in coming to us and likely playing VFL?

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Fyfe out for 6 weeks - getting back surgery

Nat Fyfe must be getting close to finishing with how often he seems to be injured.

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