Season 2022 - Geelong


Coach – Chris Scott

2021 –

Points For – 6th
Points Against – 2nd

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Tom Stewart
  2. Jack Henry
  3. Tom Hawkins
  4. Isaac Smith
  5. Cameron Guthrie

2021 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Jonathon Ceglar, Toby Conway, Mitchell Knevitt, James Willis, Flynn Kroeger, Cooper Whyte, Oliover Dempsey

Outs – Oscar Brownless, Jordan Clark, Charlie Constable, Darcy Fort, Lachie Henderson, Ben Jarvis, Josh Jenkins, Nathan Kreuger, Stefan Okunbor, Cameron Taheny

My Prediction

Talk about a club looking desperately for a cliff to fall off. They started to find the cliff towards the end of last season and never looked the part when the finals kicked off. You could argue they were missing some important players but when you average age is 82, you are bound to have some injuries.

The backline looked solid last year until Tom Stewart got injured and then it started to unravel. Kolodjashnij is not a great player and needs good players around him. The half backs are pretty uninspiring and give little run or drive. Blicavs (used to be a hurdler or runner or something) looks like spending more time back here and was solid last year.

The midfield reads well except for age, Dangerfield, Selwood and Smith are counting the days and looked like those days were rapidly approaching last year. They will need more from Duncan, Menegola and Guthrie this year but I dont think it is a good enough midfield to compete at the top end.

The forward line will get the job done if they get enough ball. Cameron and Hawkins arent going to lose too many marking contests and at the least will bring the ball to the ground. The smalls are going to get opportunity but I am not sold on the quality of them. Rohan’s reputation is shot after another rubbish finals series.

The rucks will be interesting, felt like they finally settled on Stanley last year but the recruitment of Ceglar gives them a potentially better ruck option. The coach is golden and will probably leave when he wants to. Should probably make that soon though before people realise just how little he has accomplished since his first year in the job.

I dont like their list. It is old and lacks balance. There is enough quality along with home ground advantage to qualify for the top 8 but I dont think enough for the top four. This is the year their decline starts. I think they finish in the 6-9 range.


They will play finals, and not win the premiership.

Melbourne showed them how far off it they are, last year.

They’re just too old now.


They’ve needed more from these players for a while to take the next step. They did very well in 2020 but were playing shorter quarters which were perfect for aging players.

The reality is they need Duncan, Menegola, Guthrie, Dangerfield, Selwood to improve this year to do better, but how much better can these players get? The answer is - they can’t.

Cameron will ensure their forward line can still kick good scores in the coming year but the cliff is coming people.

The home cattery advantage will probably see them fall into 8th spot and get hammered in week 1 which is fine.
What a great team they were to watch in full flight under Bomber. That was football at its best.


Getting Ceglar in is a big vote of no confidence in their current rucks, as he is average at best. Any team that still has Dalhaus on their list is going nowhere. Will struggle to make the finals, even with their considerable home ground advantage. It would not surprise me to see them slide way down the ladder.


Will crash out of the 8, and Scott will be sacked and replaced with a coach for the re-build.

Bottom 4

The Geelong cliff…
The one many have been predicting for 12 years.

They are getting closer to it.
I’ll wait until they reach and fall of the cliff until I call for their demise.


Where’s the fun in that?
If it wasn’t for the pensioner jokes you can throw at Geelong supporters they’d be insufferable.

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Best 22

B: Jack Henry, Mark Blicavs, Jake Kolodjashnij

HB: Tom Atkins, Tom Stewart, Zach Tuohy

C: Sam Menegola, Cam Guthrie, Isaac Smith

HF: Brandon Parfitt Jeremy Cameron, Gary Rohan

F: Brad Close, Tom Hawkins, Gryan Miers

FOLL: Jonathon Ceglar, Patrick Dangerfield, Mitch Duncan

I/C: Joel Selwood, Esava Ratugolea, Quinton Narkle, Jed Bews

Emg: Tyson Stengel, Rhys Stanley, Shaun Higgins

not many changes to this side as most are experienced veterans.

Ceglar should improve ruck division but he is still only mediocre.

midfield has experience, aging and depth will be tested with one of two injuries.

Maybe it’s just me but I think Cotchin and Selwood have played on another season too long.

Higgins could play but then there’s more youth missing games, given injuries Higgins will play a lot.

Tyson Stengel would be handy right now for us.

i still expect these guys to fall just outside the 8.

good forwardline, but think aging midfield will finally slow them down and will miss finals

How do we beat them round 1? Apart from the obvious, by kicking a higher score.

I think we can at least pull even in the Midfield. But their backline isn’t as bad as you stated. I rate Henry, he has proven to be a great defender and is pretty versatile being able to play small or tall. Stewart and Tuohy are seasoned and play their roll well.

I think if we can keep enough pressure on their delivery into the forward line that will be key.

Also it will probably depend a lot on how well our forward line plays and gels. I can see us getting enough inside 50’s. Just have to find the avenues to goal.

Middle 6.

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Pace and quick ball movement with transition is how you beat Geelong, we have advantage in this area we just have to bring in on the day.

Yeah spot on. Will give us an early glimpse on how well they can implement some of the training they’ve been doing.


Good on him. Good on anyone who can help, but know your limits - he obviously does.

There’s going to be a spike in fatalities post covid due to lack of swim education over a long period. Locals will need to keep their eyes out.


I’d be next to useless if I saw someone drowning in open water.
Would just end up being another body for the coroner if I jumped in to try and help.


Yeah, that’s what I meant with knowing your limits. Don’t enter the water if you don’t need to or aren’t confident. Best thing to do is to tell them to not panic and throw them something boyant if possible. Alert authorities. As harsh as it sounds, better there be 1 fatality than you trying to help and making it 2. That’s why getting kids back into classes now is important. They need the education and to reminded of what they will have forgotten in the last two years.

Add to that, too many adults treat the beach like a fun park with no knowledge of its danger and ignore precautions set out.

The knowledge of rips that Dangerfeild refers to in the article is a huge one. People try to swim back against them - it’s not necessarily that they can’t swim but they exhaust themselves through that effort and panic and drown. It’s better to swim across a rip, or even float and let it take you out and around of itself.


any forward line with hawkins and Cameron is going to go okay

danger, duncan, selwood, menegola, Guthrie and Smith is old, but again its still good enough to win games. thats a weak area though, their midfield depth isnt great

they are a couple of injuries from being average imo. if they stay relatively fit, they will finish around 5th i feel. if injury hits, anywhere from 7-11. either way, they are mot a top 4 side for mine. bottom half of the 8 is probably accurate

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They’ve never cared much about their rucks because an elite ruck doesn’t get you to seven prelims in eleven years.

Duncan and Guthrie are underrated and their ball movement is how they’re hard to score against. They’re a very patient team and that comes with experience I suppose. They’re still good enough to finish top 4 but that will depend on their run with injuries.

Still won’t win the flag. They’re the modern Collingwobbles.