Season 2022 - Geelong

If you were in a kayak or had a board like he did it might be ok.

when we went to Rockingham we waded across the sand bank to penguin island had a look around and went back a few hours later, (after the ferries had finished) although by then it was a swim as tide had come in, on the way back we came across one bloke who had 2 kids on body boards he was pulling accross but wasn’t a great swimmer and was struggling, so my mate and I pulled the kids to shore and a kayak came accross to assist at the end as well.

would be pretty awesome for a kid to be rescued by patrick Dangerfield, hope they were a cats fan.


I think I’d be as likely to KO them with an errant paddle :laughing:

We made Geelong look really really good last Saturday. Sure they are a good team, but I suspect they will not be looking so smart-arsed when Sydney run over the top of them tonight .


Thud. Dead Cats, no bounce.


Yes. For this week they’re suddenly roadkill. Swans were impressive. Mind you the crowd and drama around Buddy was incredible and made it tough for any side.

I won’t even think about comparisons involving our game last weekend. Just plot to even the ledger next time we clash … either in September or next season.

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Kind of like playing in Geelong?

Screw Geelong playing like they found the fountain of youth in round one and looking like they’re on day leave from the nursing home since then.


The Ducker will announce retirement at end of season, win lose or draw
Real reason won’t be offered a contract

Hey, Danger. Got anything to say? Anything at all?

Feels like maybe the AFLPA president might have some feelings to share about player welfare today.

No? What a shock…

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He’s probably getting ready for a grand final.

Pretty amusing that the club who dominated the H&A season, finished two games clear on top and is about to play in a Grand Final this weekend has the shortest thread of any team on Blitz.

The cats are just boringly efficient.

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Yeah, I guess that’s true.

Who’s got time to make a brief statement on the appalling treatment of the players you’ve been elected to represent when there’s a game of football to be won?

I’m sorry, Danger. I had unrealistically high expectations of you.

Weren’t there rumours of 1 or 2 of our players going to the cats?
Can’t see where any of our boys would make a difference.

Thought the same about Isaac Smith.

What a performance ■■■■■ cats. Hold your head high, that was deluxe.

Geelong was going off last night.

Love what you do, @Allblack, with your Season threads.
Recording before the season starts how things look and predict will play out. And ditto for those who follow up before things get underway. Makes for an excellent reference point.

Looking over what you thought, Geelong certainly put together a season for the ages.


What a fantastic club with some incredible players and leaders.

They are the clear benchmark, in both a performance and cultural sense.


so Hird was on to something when he flagged “Geelong as the club to aspire to”


The thing is, during the mid 1980’s to 2000, they wanted to be like us.