Season 2022 - Geelong

Very happy to swap with them now.

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I still think a key pillar to how they are able to hold themselves up is their VFL program.
They seem to begin developing players at their VFL team for a specific role with the understanding that they may be picked up in the draft.

Matthew Egan, Shane Mumford, James Podsiadly, Tom Stewart and Tom Atkins have all been success stories in that pathway. There have been failures along the way too, but more hits than misses.

Also helps that the Geelong U18s has been a strong source of talent as well and they’ve been able to closely observe player development from there too. They haven’t had as much success in that pathway, but have snagged a few handy players recently (Jack Henry and Gryan Miers).

They aren’t game changing names, but they are developed for a specific role that allows them to plug and play them into a spot in their 22 and gives their veterans the best chance to get the best out of themselves.

I think they’ll drop away next year but be good enough to make finals.
I’m sure they’ll get a big free agent from somewhere to eventually replace Selwood and Dangerfield.


Thread makes for very interesting reading when you start from the very beginning, experts some are not.

None of us here are experts. That is why our opinions are on Blitz and not in the media. Then again, even the experts often get it wrong.

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Agree 100%, although some think they are.


There is no getting around it, their system is exceptional, they are driven and they play as a team.

We were right to try and emulate them

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i guess we thought age would catch up with them.
Stengel was a pickup and a half.

And veterans Hawkins, Danger and Selwood still

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Lol. Not my worst ever prediction. I think i picked Richmond to finish bottom 2 the year they won their first premising


mmmm… well whatever you’re doing with your Essendon predictions it ain’t working.


Funnily enough nearly every Richmond supporter I know was similar. Super optimistic the year before, then crushed and wanted it all burnt down.

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Even half way through that particular season they were sceptical.
They did have the back to back typical Ninthmond games against Freo and GWS.

After 25 years of their crap, it’s tough not to be sceptical about the team’s performance.

Billy’s off his chops.

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geez there are some classic predictions at the start of this thread


This is pretty good


I went to the fan day on Sunday with my Cats friends from Adelaide who attended the GF, and stayed with us Saturday night. Billy was very much off his chops, and hosted the whole thing - but to be fair its a thin line, his character doesn’t deviate much. I only stayed for 20 minutes got hit in the head by about 5 footies like the old days walking across the MCG after the game, and told by friends to meet me at the pub when they were done.


Absolute star and an outstanding human.

Sliding doors in 2006 could have seen him a Bomber.

Not sure he would have been the same player. We didn’t have the spongy floors back then. Gumby might have ended up in Geelong and been one of the all time great forwards.