Season 2022 - GWS


Coach – Leon Cameron

2021 –

Points For – 8th

Points Against – 7th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Josh Kelly
  2. Toby Greene
  3. Jacob Hopper
  4. Tim Taranto
  5. Sam Taylor

2021 Rising Star Noms

Tom Green (Round 9)
Connor Idun (Round 23)

Ins – Finn Callaghan, Leek Aleer, Josh Fahey, Cooper Hamilton,

Outs – Matt Buntine, Jeremy Finlayson, Tom Hutchesson, Shane Mumford, Sam Reid, Nick Shipley

My Prediction

GWS after almost scaling the heights and playing in a grand final have worked their way into no mans land. Not good enough to challenge and not bad enough to bottom out. It is a tough place to be for a club that no one cares about.

The backline is middling. Taylor is coming off a good year and they have Davis for hardness and Hayne who is a quality intercepting backman although not much of a stopper. Whitfield is one of the best kicking half backs in the competition.

The midfield reads like it should be one of the better ones in the competition but it just isnt. They dont work hard enough defensively but look like kings when they have the ball. The Kelly contract looks like a monster now, Coniglio has gone backwards like few I can remember. Green and Taranto are absolute guns.

The forward line is shambolic. I am not sure how Riccardi isnt getting a game. Hogan looks like a reasonable pick up but he isnt going to rip many games apart. Himmelberg doesnt feel like he has come on. It comes down to Greene as their game winner and he gets it done as well as anyone. They need him to have another stellar season and stay on the park.

Preuss and Flynn are a pretty handy ruck combo for a team that struggled for a long time to find an effective ruck. I think they will both play together a lot. I dont know who Cameron has pictures of, I dont know how he still has the role their, his game plan doesnt seem to work and their are others out there doing more with less.

I dont like the shape of their list. They of course benefitted last year from Collingwoods demise and have some more talent coming in but I dont have faith they will get the best out of them. I think they will finish middle of the table somewhere. They look like a team in the 8-10 range.


Bottom 4 with Carlton, Fremantle, Collingwood, Gold Coast, Eagles, North, St Kilda and West Coast


GWS. Meh.

B: Phil Davis, Sam Taylor, Isaac C umming

HB: Lachie Ash, Nick Haynes, Lachie Whitfield

C: Josh Kelly, Jacob Hopper, Harry Perryman

HF: Tim Taranto, Harrison Himmelberg, Daniel Lloyd

F: Toby Grene, Jesse Hogan, Bobby Hill

FOLL: Matt Flynn, Callan Ward, Stephen Coniglio

I/C: Tom Green, Jake Stein, Connor Idun, Tanner Bruhn

Emg: Brayden Preuss, Jake Riccardi , Xavier O’Halloran, Finn Callaghan, Brent Daniels, Matt de Boer

Toby Greene missing the first 5 rounds could come costly, Giants should make the 8 easy with their midfield, but without Greene for the first 5 imagine will be touch and go 7-13th


Surely Leon gets sacked this year if they finished 9th-10th. There’s too much talent on this list and not enough culture to justify his middling record.

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Kinda suprised he still has a job. His contract is up at the end of the year. I expect them to be 5-8 but if they don’t play finals I can see them giving him the flick.


It’s widely acknowledged that Leon had a great year last year rebuilding on the run and still making finals and finishing 6th. I do have to say though with a guy like Buckley sitting on the sidelines surely the AFL would be tempted to put him in the position to give some profile to a club that is severely lacking in that department. Clarkson to Gold Coast and Buckley to the Giants would be pretty cool I think and something the AFL would love.


Ohh, yes, Buckley to GWS is a winner.

I like the idea of ensuring that GWS don’t win a premiership for some time yet.


For the talent on their list they are serial under performers. There are a couple of bona fide stars running around, or will be once Greene serves his suspension. I wonder how they will kick enough goals to be competitive. They added Hogan but lost Lobb, who could also be thrown into the ruck on the forward line, so there is no net gain there. Himmelberg is serviceable at best. Coniglio is a shadow of his former self, credit for that goes to the coach who threw him under the bus. Whitfield supplies the class out wide, but who do they have besides Taranto to provide the drive inside? Their ruck division looks like it is one of the weakest in the league, so the midfield will be under extra pressure around the packs, just to break even. The defence will be under increased pressure as a direct result and Davis is looking a bit fragile these days. They will struggle and won’t make the finals.

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I’m staggered he has lasted this long. Has had such a talented list for so long and achieved stuff all

could very well go bottom 4 this season. No Greene early on will cripple them


Preuss’ reputation is amazing for a guy who’s played 18 games in 7? years

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Fold and die plastic club

Good luck with these guys next year James Hird. May they continue to expand AFL interest in the heartland of that lesser sport NRL.

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He made a Granny and a prelim didn’t he? Not really stuff all…

Lost countless prelims with a massively talented list, and got smashed off the park in the GF they did make. With the talent he has had at his disposal they should of won at least one GF

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That’s a lot of teams to fit into the bottom four spots :wink:

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3 wins each, against each other, and no other wins, would go close to doing it.
The tricky bit will be the percentage.

So it could go down to the wire in the last Round.
Which, given the potential Draft Pick reward ranges from 1 to 9, should make for a more exciting & relevant finish than those Clubs are usually involved in.
I can see the AFL both dreading & becoming erect at such a scenario.

Countless? Didn’t they lose 2?

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Is Bobby Hill still in WA?

But who’s counting…