Season 2022 - GWS

My bad, lost 2 GF’s and a semi final.that was 3 seasons in a row2016-2018. Then got smashed in the GF the next year

Should make the 8 but still just don’t have what it takes to win the flag and Alot has to do with their coach

They got smashed by injury last year. I thought Cameron did a pretty good job with the list he had in 2021.

Daniels has just injured himself at training. Will be out for half a season.

Lucky they kept Hill I guess.

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Would you mind reposting that in the most recent Training Report, where @Finding_Nino is carrying on, as usual, about our singular bad luck with injuries.



Daniel has

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Is he still travelling tonight on a plane?

What do you have against @Finding_Nino ? I am curious

GWS have been relevant for a week of their existence. And then they farked it up.


Jarrod Brander kicked 5 goals in the practice match against Swans

GWS are playing the song after the win

I actually reckon GWS will be top 4 this year, that midfield just gets stronger and it’s big and aggressive. Very impressive tonight beating up the swans again.

Did Bobby Hill play?

Yep. I didn’t see it, but he kicked 2 goals, so I guess he went alright.

He’s a poor man’s Tex.

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Oh wait, I forgot the date. Carry on.