Season 2022 - North Melbourne

North Melbourne

Coach – David Noble

2021 –

Points For – 17th
Points Against – 18th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Jy Simpkin
  2. Ben Cunnington
  3. Jack Ziebell
  4. Aaron Hall
  5. LDU

2021 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Callum Coleman-Jones, Hugh Greenwood, Jason Horne-Francis, Josh Goater, Paul Curtis, Miller Bergman, Jackson Archer

Outs – Connor Menadue, Dom Tyson, Robbie Tarrant, Taylor Garner, William Walker, Shaun Atley, Tom Campbell, Trent Dumont, Charlie Ham

My Prediction

I wont get into the deals North knocked back to keep their hands on Horne-Francis except to mention that they were crazy and they have already ramped up the pressure on the kid. That being said, all report indicate he is capable of managing the pressure and by the time her chooses to move back to Adelaide should be nearing elite.

The backline for the Roos looks light on and the mismanagement in losing Tarrant would be tanking if not for the incompetence that led to it. Walker and McKay will need to stay fit from a tall perspective but not sure I would want either taking on quality forwards. Hall was a revelation off half back last year for a player whose career felt like it was winding up. Him and McDonald make a reasonable half back combination.

North is building one hell of a midfield. They will need it to be the best midfield in the competition as their back lines and forward lines are VFL standard. Thomas gave a hint at what he will become along with Simpkin and LDU who finally put a line in the sand. Horne-Francis has already played against men and will be ready come round one. Cunnington (if healthy), Phillips and Powell in the heat gives them a good competitive start.

The forward line is absolutely dire. The worst in the competition. CCJ coming in gives them a target alongside Larkey. Zurhaar is a tough match up and Stephenson gives some pace at the drop of the ball but they are going to need multiple goals from the midfield for them to be competitive with the mid-tier teams.

The rucks are ok, Goldstein is a proven performer and despite losing a little bit of pace, they have Xerri and picked up Edwards in the midseason draft who would probably have been an early pick in the national draft. The coach is still a bit of an unknown, they talk about him in the same hushed tones that they talk about Fagan with but he has a bigger job and less of a head start. I guess we will know more by the end of next season.

Maybe Dodoro has brainwashed me but I think when rebuilding a list, starting with the talls make sense. North Melbourne is the anti-Dodoro and appear to be building a team of mids. I think it is a reasonable way to be an average team quickly but I am not sure it is a way to really impact the competition. I think they will be more competitive this year but not sure there will be any serious jumps up the ladder. This is a bottom two list for mine.


Best 22

B: Aidan Corr, Ben McKay, Jack Ziebell
HB: Luke McDonald, Josh Walker, Aaron Hall
C: Jaidyn Stephenson, Ben Cunnington, Tom Powell
HF: Tarryn Thomas, Cameron Zurhaar, Curtis Taylor
F: Callum Coleman-Jones , Nick Larkey, Jack Mahony
Foll: Todd Goldstein, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Jy Simpkin
I/C: Hugh Greenwood, Will Phillips, Jed Anderson, Jason Horne-Francis

Emerg: Josh Goater, Kayne Turner, Bailey Scott, Charlie Lazarro, Jared Polec, Aiden Bonar

I think they could maybe win 5 games and be a chance to avoid the spoon.

Blue collar forwardline and backline.

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You’re my wife now Dave

Building a strong list where it counts- the middle. The Simp is young and already a gun, Cunnington is probably their best player and still one of the best pure inside mids when healthy.

Moving Stephenson to a high HFF/Wing role last year suited them well but he might be needed deeper as they lack talent up forward. If they can consistently get the ball to him on the outside he will be a threat. Zurhaar is a smaller but thicker medium forward who often plays as a KPF due to a severe lack of depth there. My North supporting friend rates Larkey quite highly so I’m eager to see how he develops.

The less said about the backs the better.

No mention of Larkey, who I think is a very good young key forward and a player they are looking to build their forward line around.

I think for the first time in a long time they have something to look forward to with a strong group of young players coming through.

Reckon it’ll take me 5 or 6 years to stop shaking my head that they passed on Logan McDonald.


Which is about right.

I reckon Larkey & Zurhaar could combine for 100+ goals.

I like them as a pair up forward.

This thread is about 2022, not 2022-2028 inclusive.

(I like Zurhaar but he’s a support act, IMHO, not a lead)

Kicked 42 goals for the bottom team. More than any Essendon player has managed since Daniher in 2017.

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Fold for mine


It’s a shame we only get them only once in 2022.

They haven’t beaten us since the top up year of 2016… and even that was quite a narrow defeat.

7 in a row since. Unless we fall into a calamitous hole (not totally out of the question given it’s Essendon) I can’t see that trend breaking in 2022.

Bottom 4. Not convinced on back-to-back spoons though, that’s been a pretty hard feat in recent seasons.

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I actually think they have a quality coach at the helm and will bounce up to mid table pretty quickly. Their drafting has also been good the past year or two in filling needs cheaply (ie. Greenwood).

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wow, that list should strike fear in all norf supporters.

I was skimming the OP to find out whether norf are still in the AFL or have been deleted. It didn’t say.

WTAF is this abomination!!!
Looks like when I played u10’s and the soft kids wore a skivvy underneath their guernseys :rofl:


Big Callout to Blitz, the number of posts in this thread has just passed the number of Members that North have.


Aaron Hall did his hamstring at the intraclub

The deadline for Jed Anderson to get his second jab has lapsed, with the AFL refusing to give him an exemption. I guess he is holding out for the Novavax vaccine.

North Melbournes audio visional team pretty basic.

love how JHF just expected to be in the side.

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Now now.
You know they had to wait to get the Super 8 film processed.
After they realised no one knew how to work the BetaMax camera.