Season 2022 - St Kilda

St Kilda

Coach – Brett Ratten

2021 –
Points For – 12th
Points Against – 10th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Jack Steele
  2. Jack Sinclair
  3. Tim Membrey
  4. Callum Wilkie
    =5. Brad Crouch
    =5. Bradley Hill

2021 Rising Star Noms


Ins – NWM, Mitchito Owens, Marcus Windhager, Oscar Adams,

Outs – Sam Alabakis, Jake Carlisle, Oscar Clavarino, Luke Dunstan, James Frawley, Paul Hunter, Jack Lonie, Shaun McKernan, Dylan Roberton

My Prediction

St Kilda’s history of being a dumpster fire of a club has continued for another season. They came out and claimed last year was never going to be the year despite topping up with ridiculous choices like Frawley and McKernan. They clearly believed they were about to have a shot, unfortunately for them, they were still firing blanks. This is their year though according to the president.

The backline is green, Howard is a player and looked good last year, Wilkie and Highmore are handy, the half backs have to a be a concern with Webster and Sinclair along with Clark would be in the mix. I wouldnt be surprised to see NWM or Hill spend time their to create a little more run.

The midfield feels like it should work but they have gone from being a bit too working class to maybe being a bit too soft. Hill and Billings will give plenty of run but probably only one way. Steele has improved his game in a way not many before him have managed. He has turned into a A grader. They would love Hannebery to not be cooked but unfortunately, he is charcoal.

The forward line looks A grade. Membrey and King are good targets and Marshall resting forward along with Ryder gives them flexibility. Gresham, Higgins and Butler give them a good small brigade who will keep pressure on. Still a relatively young forward line which will give some improvement.

The rucks worry me, anytime you are relying on Ryder and his broken down body to give you a solid number of games it is a concern, Marshall with another year should be looking to take over. The coach looks solid, I think. Last year must have done some damage and I am curious what missing the finals again would mean but he does seem to have the players and his game plan isnt horrendous.

The Saints are not a premiership threat. They just have too many holes in their line up. They are a middle of the road team that at some times will look like champions and other times like plodders. I think they will be around the eight and could make it if they get a good run with injuries. Somewhere between 8-10 for mine.


Irrelevant football club.

I agree, they will be in no-man’s land a bit. Not good enough to legitimately challenge, not bad enough to bottom out. There’s a lot of experience on the list, especially from other clubs, that won’t carry them to where they want to get to. The next year or so I can see a lot of those blokes departing, and that will expose the rest of their list and they might be in for a few years at the foot of the ladder. King is the only young player at the Saints that really looks top drawer. Clark and Coffield are a bit meh. Good but I don’t see them being anything more than B graders. I agree with 8th-10th, could sneak a finals spot if everything goes right, but they will be making up the numbers if they do play finals…

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Best 22
B: Jimmy Webster, Dougal Howard, Tom Highmore

HB: Nick Coffield, Callum Wilkie, Jack Sinclair

C: Dan Hannebery, Zac Jones, Brad Hill

HF: Jack Higgins, Tim Membrey, Jack Billings

F: Paddy Ryder, Max King, Dan Butler

FOLL: Rowan Marshall, Jack Steele, Brad Crouch

I/C: Jade Gresham, Hunter Clark, Daniel McKenzie, Cooper Sharman

EMG: Ben Long, Nasaiah Wanganeen-Milera, Josh Batle, Seb Ross,

Saints should be fighting out for the bottom half of the 8, but a few injuries and there season will be over.

Prediction 7th - 13th


Drawing from a small sample, but Cooper Sharman looks like he’s going to be A-grade.

Otherwise, yeah - a lot of decent players, but not many outstanding.


Fold for mine

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If only they had a Nick Hind on their list.


You forgot Paton who should be back.

I would a pretty disappointed supporter if that was my best 22.

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a urinal cake of a football club


Not a bad side, but hard to see where their improvement comes from.

Will have to go back before they can go forward

Harsh on urinal cakes.


Blitz should love the look of that interchange bench

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Made a mistake by hiring Ratten imo

Only Matthews and Malthouse were able to wing flags as a coach at two different clubs it’s rare these days imo

Yeah won them their first final in 10 years. Immediate dismissal.

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Also didn’t make it the following year.

Pressure will be on Rats if they miss again.

What link does Battle have to us?

Coached/mentored by M. Lloyd I’m fairly sure


HB: Nick Coffield, Callum Wilkie, Callum Sinclair

Not sure how much stock i’d be putting in this best 22 when you have a Sydney Swans ruck playing off the half back line.

Jack Sinclair mind you, had a break out season playing off the half back line, coming 2nd in the saints best and fairest. We at Essendon look at them losing Nick Hind for nigh on a packet of chips and scoff, however, if they had played Hind off the HB line, then Sinclair probably doesn’t have the season he had.

I do agree with the general consensus that the Saints look to be a middling team again this coming season. They do, however have some blue chip stocks in Steele and King and with Gresham basically a new recruit off the back of 2 injury interrupted seasons, they could surprise a few. A couple of their NGA recruits deliver and with NWM, they could be an exciting team to watch over the next few years.

We’ve seen Richmond, the Swans, the Bulldogs and now Melbourne all break long running premiership droughts in recent memory. The Saints are next/last on that list. Only after number 17 of course!


Club is Not worth making a comment on.