Season 2022 - Sydney


Coach – John Longmire

2021 –

Points For – 3rd
Points Against –6th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Luke Parker
  2. Jake Lloyd
  3. Jordan Dawson
  4. Tom Papley
  5. Callum Mills

2021 Rising Star Noms

Errol Gulden (Round 1)
Braeden Campbell (Round 2)
Chad Warner (Round 3)
Justin McInerney (Round 16)

Ins – Paddy McCartin, Peter Ladhams, Angus Sheldrick, Matthew Roberts, Corey Warner, Lachlan Rankin

Outs – Kaiden Brand, Malachy Carruthers, Jordan Dawson, Sam Gray, George Hewett, Matthew Ling

My Prediction

The Swans are unfortunately building a nice list and unlike a lot of other rebuilds, seem to be getting it right and look to be turning things around pretty quickly. Four rising star noms last year without Logan McDonald getting one is a pretty good start to turning your list over.

The backline is pretty experienced now, Rampe goes around again and he has McCartin and likely Blakey back their to support with marking. Mcinerney and Lloyd will give good run. There doesnt look to be a lot of holes there at the moment except possibly depth amongst the talls.

The midfield also has a good balance of youth and experience with Kennedy, Mills and Parker providing leadership along with Mills. Heeney will be looking for more midfield time and should rotate through along with Gulden and even Campbell.

The forward line was the third highest scoring last year which seems an impressive change in philosophy from the boring crap they have dished up for so many seasons, Franklin will go around again next year until injuries slow him up, McDonald should be better for another season and I suspect Ladhams will spend a lot of time up forward and relieve the ruck. They smalls in Hayward and Papley are quality and reliable.

Hickey was probably the recruit of the year last season and showed something I dont think any of us though he had in him. They topped up on dud rucks from interstate teams and doubled down this season with Ladhams who will probably be good for them as well. The coach is golden, he keeps getting the best out of his players and keeps them working for each other.

Frustratingly, the Swans should be a better team again this year. Outside of second year blues for their young players, there doesnt appear a lot of hope for those of us that would like to see them fail. I think they will challenge for top four this year and finish in thr 4-6 range.


Their academy is a gold mine and their crop of young players are amongst the best in the league. Will play finals.

Fark Sydney


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Dawson and Hewett are losses.

I got this off I hope this is ok with houli dooli :cold_sweat:
Agree there are some very good young players on their list.
Our best hope is if Kennedy, Franklin & Parker start to play like the banged up players they are, and Rampe focuses more on post climbing.

Best 22

FB : Jake Lloyd, Tom McCartin, Dane Rampe
HB : Braeden Campbell, Lewis Melican, Harry Cunningham
C : Oliver Florent, Josh Kennedy, Justin McInerney
HF : Isaac Heeney, Lance Franklin, James Rowbottom
FF : Tom Papley, Logan McDonald, Will Hayward
FOL : Tom Hickey, Luke Parker, Callum Mills
I/C : Peter Ladhams, Errol Gulden, Chad Warner, Nick Blakey


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That’s a solid team, and they have reasonable depth across most of the ground too.

They’ll be there or thereabouts in 2022 I reckon.

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If a player is banged up, we trade them to the Saints. If still on list assume they’re good to go.


It’s a good looking side. Would be even better if that bum J Dawson was still in it but nevermind.

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B: Dane Rampe, Tom McCartin, Jake Lloyd

HB: Nick Blakey, Lewis Melican, Harry Cunningham

C: Oliver Florent, Josh Kennedy, Justin Mcinerney

HF: Errol Gulden Lance Franklin, Will Hayward

F: Isaac Heeney, Logan McDonald, Tom Papley

FOLL: Tom Hickey, Luke Parker, Callum Mills

I/C: Peter Ladhams , James Rowbottom, Braeden Campbell, Chad Warner

Emg: Sam Reid, Dylan Stephens, Sam Wicks, Paddy McCartin

I don’t like swans playing 2 rucks seems a bit of overkill in todays environment, but i can’t imagine they picked Ladhams to play in the reserves comp. And Reid is a bit in the outer as took ages for them to offer him a spot. Plus the McCartin pick up unless it’s a salary thing like crows did for tippets.

Josh Kennedy still starts on the middle but swans will be hoping to move him off the ball and let Rowbottom, Heeney and Warner run through there, all talented, just need opportunity.

I hate Sydney, and losing Dawson is good, but they still have a good list, thanks to their leg up with the swans academy.

Hate to say it but I like watching Gulden and McDonald play.

Heeney and Buddy are still flogs though!

Also love it when Blakey stuffs up, Coxs game where he made a goose of him was great. but he has settled into a half back role.

Ideally they would like a upgrade on Harry cunningham

Dylan Stephens needs to get some games this year or could be out the door.

Will Gould bigger bodies defender from SA, seems to be having similar problems to francis early days, needs to get fit enough to play AFl and have confidence in his body.

Quite a few AFL player brothers on the list now
Sam Reid
Tom/Paddy McCartin
Chad/Corey Warner
Ryan Clarke

I think if Sydney get a good run they are a chance for the 8 again and potentially winning a final. would love to play swans week one and knock them off.

Estimated finish 6-13th


You are really giving the game away here, by use of “we”: you have finally identified yourself as a Sydney supporter and therefore you are a confirmed troll. Just as well we believe in free speech. Keeping your head down under the bridge would be a good idea.


Should be played predominantly forward. As a medium forward, he’s probably the best mark in the game. He’s a good midfielder but would be AA as a forward, imo.

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They’ll be challenging for top 4

They are a frustratingly well-run club and a well-coached team. Their recruiting is frustratingly good, as is their development and academy. This is frustrating.

I have PTSD each time we play them in Sydney, the Gleeson Incident being just in front of us at he last game I will see at the SCG… I don not want to go back to that place…

Frustratingly, they will be top 6. They will frustratingly continue to beat us at the SCG for ever… and I will receive trash messages from my Sydney mates for ever too.

Frustrating Bin Chickens…


How many hamstrings for big fat bud this year?

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How many goalposts Rampe climb this year?


Hopefully just one before our match, or even in the first quarter


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